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Student Video Contest


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Students are encouraged to submit videos to the American Association of School Librarians detailing how their school library and technology empowers them to be Learners4Life. Along with prizes for the winning students and libraries, the winning video will be featured on the AASL, Cisco, external link icon and SchoolTube external link icon web sites and social networking platforms.

Submission entry will begin January 4, 2011, and the deadline for submissions is March 18, 2011. Three winners will be chosen - one each from the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Winners will be announced as the kick off to School Library Month on April 1, 2011.

Suggested Focus

Videos submitted should focus on how the school library and technology empowers students with the skills needed to be lifelong learners. Two of the common beliefs behind AASL's Standards for the 21st-Century Learner state today's students need to develop skills that enable them to use technology as an important tool for current and future learning and that multiple literacies, including technological, have joined information literacy as crucial skills for this century. Each video should visually illustrate the four standards for student learning - Think, Create, Share, and Grow - and how technology relates to each:

  • Think: Using technology to access information and pursue inquiry. For example, the school network, the internet, wireless networks.
  • Create: Using technology to create products that express new understandings. For example, using video cameras to create an educational film.
  • Share: Using technology to organize and display knowledge that others can use; participate and collaborate with others. For example, web conferencing, video conferencing.
  • Grow: Using technology to seek information for personal learning; join social networks to gather and share information. For example, finding free music lessons or other courses online.

Creativity is encouraged!

Contest Rules and Eligibility

Entries must be submitted by March 18, 2011 by 11:59 P.M. CST to be eligible to win:

  • Videos must be under three minutes long.
  • Videos must be mostly live action. A combination of live action/photos is permitted, but live action should be the emphasis.
  • Video must be submitted by a student in a school with a school librarian. Multiple entries are welcomed.
  • Educators may advise students but should not take on a significant role in creating the video.
  • Contest Entry Form pdf icon must accompany submission.

Voting Period

For all submissions, an online voting period will take place between March 21, 2011 - March 23, 2011.

Judging and Determination of Winners

Each entry will be reviewed by a panel of judges and points will be awarded based on the following criteria:

How well did the video illustrate Thinking skills?

5 points possible

How well did the video illustrate Creative skills?

5 points possible

How well did the video illustrate Sharing skills?

5 points possible

How well did the video illustrate Growth skills?

5 points possible

Was the video presented in an entertaining way?   

5 points possible

Has the video captured the role of the librarians?

5 points possible

Stars received via SchoolTube's rating system:

5 points possible

Is the school librarian an AASL member?

2 points possible


One student winner will be chosen from each grade level – elementary, middle, and high school. Winners will receive a Flip™ video camera and a prize of $500 in books for their school library program.

Submission Process

All entries to be submitted via SchoolTube.com external link icon between January 4 and March 18, 2011 11:59 p.m. CST. A completed  Contest Entry Form must accompany each submission.  E-mail form to learning4life@ala.org or fax to AASL at 312-280-5276.