L4L Logo Use

This page has been created to provide clarification and direction on how the “Learning4Life”and “Learner4Life” marks and names should be used in all mediums. The terms “Learning4Life/Learner4Life” is referring to all phrases, logos, and markings related to the Learning4Life program.

Key Guidelines

"Learning4Life/Learner4Life” represents a trademarked name for AASL’s implementation plan of the Standards for 21st-Century Learner and Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Programs. Because the “Learning4Life/Learner4Life” logos represent such a broad area of AASL’s work, it is requested that the logo be used in affiliate with products, services or organizations that fall under the “Learning4Life/Learner4Life” initiatives.

Permitted Users of “Learning4Life/Learner4Life”marks include:

  1. Trained L4L State Coordinators
    To qualify as a trained state coordinator you must have attended AASL training as an AASL State Affiliate organization representative. Trained State Coordinators are not only allowed to use the “Learning4Life/Learner4Life” markings, but are encouraged to use “Learning4Life/Learner4Life” markings on presentations, promotional materials, etc. that is related to AASL’s Standards and Guidelines.

  2. School Libraries, schools, and districts that have adopted AASL’s learning standards and program guidelines into their curriculum
    To use the “Learning4Life/Learner4Life” markings a school library, school, or district must adopt the AASL Learning Standards and Guidelines into their curriculum. AASL does not require our standards to be the exclusive standards, but there must be an incorporation of the Standards and/or Guidelines in order to use the “Learning4Life/Learner4Life” marks. Marks can be used in identification of a program, classroom, school or district, on websites, brochures, materials, etc.

  3. Non-profit organizations who have signed on as a “Learning4Life”organization
    Includes national, state, and local organizations who have signed a  Learner4Life endorsement form to become an official Learner4Life organization. These organizations support and promote the AASL Standards and Guidelines and signed a letter on file to qualify as a Learner4Life organization. Please note: A letter must be on file with the AASL office to qualify as a Learner4Life organization.

  4. Funding partners
    Organizations that have either sponsored an event/item related to the “Learning4Life” plan, or have contributed to the “Learning4Life” plan.

  5. Co-branding arrangements are possible through an agreement with AASL. If you are interested in a co-branding arrangement please contact Allison Cline at acline@ala.org email icon  or 312-280-4385.

Usage Requirements

  1. When referring to the Learning4Life initiative it should be written with no spaces and both the “L” in Learning and Life capitalized.

  2. The trademark symbol must be included with all uses.

  3. The “Learning4Life/Learner4Life” mark must be displayed in its entirety. All elements must be displayed together as they appear below. No distortion, separation or alterations of the “Learning4Life/Learner4Life” marks is permissible. The separation or removal of the “American Association of School Librarians” from the “Learning4Life/Learner4Life” is not permitted.

  4. In order to ensure clarity of the marks it is recommended that the Learning4Life marks not be smaller than 0.97 X 2.18 and the Learner4Life marks no smaller than 1.03 X 1.88 in.

  5. The “Learning4Life/Learner4Life” mark must either be in colors listed below, or black/white. No color substitutions or alternations are allowed.

    Orange: PMS 130 // CMYK: 0, 30, 90, 0
    Blue: PMS 534 // CMYK: 100, 80, 40, 20

Below are the appropriate logos in the correct color and smallest size recommended.  Large logos available by clicking the smaller version. 

learning4life color logo


learning4life b&w logo


learner4life color logo


learner4life b&w logo

Additional Information

If you are unsure if your use falls within AASL’s guidelines, please feel free to contact AASL to review your materials prior to publishing. AASL actively monitors the proper use of the “Learning4Life/Learner4Life” mark and name.