Collaborative Leadership

"Collaborative Leadership" is the first in a series of licensed institutes available for nationwide use throughout the profession.

The Institute
Empowering Learners and "Collaborative Leadership"
Topic Outline
Participants Outcomes
Potential for Credit
Hosting an AASL Licensed Institute

The Institute    

An instructor will guide your group through this one-day workshop that provides you with an opportunity to increase your understanding of the components of leadership, identify your own leadership skills and professional priorities, and apply leadership strategies to the challenges we face in our schools and our profession. You will have time and opportunities to connect with other professionals and establish networks to work together to effect change.

Meet your Collaborative Leadership presenters.

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Empowering Learners and "Collaborative Leadership"    

The AASL Licensed Institute: Collaborative Leadership ties into two of the ideas -- collaboration and leadership -- that underlie the vision of library programs presented in Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Programs. Each is integral to every aspect of the library program and every component of the school librarian's role.

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Topic Outline    

  • Qualities of Leadership
  • Self-awareness of Personal Characteristics
  • Perceptions of the Profession
  • Clarity of Message
  • Challenges Facing the Profession
  • Leadership Strategies to Employ
  • Action Plan for Leadership

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Participant Outcomes    

  • Gain knowledge of the leadership skills necessary to achieve change
  • Work with other leaders to study the challenges facing the profession
  • Tie AASL and ALA resources to specific leadership strategies
  • Examine leadership opportunities available in AASL and ALA
  • Develop new contacts
  • Prioritize, plan and reflect on professional and personal goals
  • Receive professional development credit

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Potential for Credit    

Although AASL does not offer credit to licensed institute participants, host organizations are encouraged to use the following information and ideas to arrange credit through appropriate credit-granting institutions.

  • 8 hours of content
  • Additional possibilities to meet time requirements for credit:
    • Writing an extended evaluation
    • Writing response to three articles
    • Submitting a completed personal action plan

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Hosting the AASL Licensed Institute: Collaborative Leadership    

AASL licenses this licensed institute to organizations. The licensee pays AASL a licensing fee for a one-time presentation of the institute. AASL supplies the presenter(s) and content; the licensee sets its own registration fee and is responsible for all local planning, logistics and publicity.* View the licensing terms.

Interested in hosting this licensed institute? For complete details on available dates, program outline and license agreement contact:

Melissa Jacobsen
Manager, Professional Development
American Association of School Librarians
50 E. Huron St.
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312-280-4381
Fax: 312-280-5276

*Note: Presenter(s) and specific content may vary by date and site. AASL provides a handout master as a PDF file on disk, which the licensee is required to reproduce in hardcopy for its audience.

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