Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Infusing Literacy Skills into the Inquiry Process

Inquiry and literacy – are they one and the same or complementary processes?  Participants explore different inquiry models and how literacy can be instilled throughout.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the purpose of an inquiry model.

  • Evaluate inquiry models and choose one that will best work for your students.

  • Discover how nonfiction reading skills and critical thinking skills are both necessary in the inquiry process.

  • Demonstrate your comprehension of the literacy/inquiry process with a plan of action.

Who Should Attend

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Liz Deskins has spent 20 years in school librarianship. It has been a fun-filled time, fueled by many literacy initiatives and changes in education. She has learned a great deal from whole language, literature based teaching, project based learning, inquiry learning, and the Literacy Collaborative reading model, but mostly that skills are needed to read as well as exposure to quality literature. Her passion for children’s literature, and sharing it with students of all ages, has led her to a Master’s degree with a focus on literature for children and given her opportunities to teach at the college level.

Christina Dorr has 20 years experience in libraries and education, with the past 18 in school library centers. Her personal love and passion is books, reading, and teaching children to love both. Christina has a Ph.D. in education, focusing on literature and literacy, from the Ohio State University, and has taught adjunct for OSU and three other Ohio universities.She has been trained in the Literacy Collaborative reading model and have attended, and given, numerous workshops, presentations, and pre-conferences on literature and literacy.



$25.00 (The course is open to current, personal members of AASL. Not a member? Join here.)

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