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AASL eAcademy offers a variety of courses designed to create leaders. All courses are asynchronous, Moodle-based courses developed with the busy professional in mind. Participants will receive 12-15 hours of learning and collaboration from experts on a particular subject. After completing the course’s culminating project, all participants will receive a certificate which can be used to apply for continuing education credits through their school district.

eAcademy Courses

Below is a complete listing of all eAcademy courses offered by AASL. AASL is currently scheduling courses for Fall and Winter 2014. Please check back soon for availability.

Upcoming Courses

Making a Place, Making a Case for Read-Alouds:
A Powerful Teaching Tool for Literacy

When is a read-aloud more than a great story? When it also ties in critical thinking skills. In this course, participants will learn how to infuse literacy skills while continuing to share the passion and power of a great read-aloud. Learn more or register.

Dates: October 20 - November 14, 2014

AASL Planning Guide: Empowering Infinite
Options for Personalized Professional Growth

This four-week course provides an overview of the AASL Planning Guide and Rubric grounded in principles of adult learning and peer coaching. A one year subscription to the Planning Guide module will be included with registration to the eAcademy Course. Learn more or register.

Dates: February 16 - March 13, 2015

Course Library

AASL offers its eAcademy courses on a rotating basis. If you are interested in a class below that is not currently being offered please contact Jennifer Habley at 1-800-545-2433 ext. 4383 or jhabley@ala.org.

Common Core: Moving from Complex to Calm, Cool, and Collected
The Common Core is asking teachers to move from rote and recall to rigor and relevance, and the librarian can play a vital role in this paradigm shift.

Design for Understanding Meets the 21st Century School Librarian
The course is designed to introduce participants to the Understanding by Design Curriculum framework. Known as the Backward Design model, this framework is unique in that it begins with the end in mind.

From 0 to 60: Implement eBooks in Your Library Program in 4 Weeks
There are many eBook vendors looking to provide content to school libraries, but how do you know which one is best for you? This course will focus on implementing an eBook collection for your campus/school district in order to meet the needs of your students and staff.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know:
Infusing Literacy Skills into the Inquiry Process

Inquiry and literacy – are they one and the same or complementary processes? In this course, participants will explore different inquiry models and how literacy can be instilled throughout.

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