Imagining the Future

Volume 42, No. 1
September/October 2013

The theme for the September/October 2013 Knowledge Quest is Imagining the Future. This issue explores how to plan for the future. It outlines methods and tools school librarians can use in their programs. Topics include outlining your library’s mission statement, professional development planning, and planning for technology.

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Table of Contents

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Guest Editors

Sue C. Kimmel is an assistant professor in the school library program at Old Dominion University. National Board Certified, her prior experience includes over fifteen years as a school librarian. She is a regular contributor to the blog Building a Culture of Collaboration.  She is currently a member of the Knowledge Quest Editorial Board.


Nancy E. Larsen teaches part time at Wayne State University, School of Library and Information Science, in Detroit, Michigan. She received the Michigan Association for Media in Education’s 2004 Ruby Brown Award for Individual Excellence. She has experience as a school librarian at all K–12 levels and has been a school librarian in New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, California, and Michigan.

Read the Guest Editor column, “Imagining the Future,” pdf icon by Sue and Nancy! 

Listen to a podcast interview with Sue and Nancy about the issue on “Imagining the Future.”

30 Second Thought Leadership Videos

View video podcasts from school library leaders who answer the question, How do you keep your school library program evolving with all the changes occurring in the library and education fields?

School Library Research (SLR) Spotlight

If you liked the September/October 2013 Knowledge Quest articles on “Imagining the Future,” you may be interested in this research study published in School Library Research (SLR):

School Librarians and Response to Intervention pdf icon

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Online Exclusives & Additional Resources

Online Exclusives

Strategic Planning and AASL: Envisioning Our Future and Remaining Relevant pdf icon by Susan D. Ballard





Makin’ It Real: Building a Bright 3-D Future for Planning pdf icon by Bob King and Sue Kimmel





Making Time for Professional Development When There Is None pdf icon by Michelle Luhtala





Together We Can: Libraries as Story Centers, Students as Story-Makers pdf icon by Wendy DeGroat and Steven Yates





AASL Essential Links

Here are some Essential Links on Planning and Assessment that you may find useful. Essential Links is a wiki that comprises a working bibliography of resources for school librarians, principals, parents, charter school organizers, library para-professionals, government officials, and college instructors. Books, journal articles, websites, and other media are included.

Article from the Archive

We also offer a free feature article from a previous issue that ties that relates to the current issue. Click the link below to read the feature story: “Here Comes the Future: Information Is the Building Block for Learning” by Delia Neuman from the January/February 2012 issue on “Futurecasting.” 

Here Comes the Future: Information Is the Building Block for Learning” pdf icon