Mentoring through Partnerships

Volume 41, No. 4
Mar/Apr 2013

The theme for the Mar/Apr 2013 Knowledge Quest is Mentoring through Partnerships. Mentoring where collaborative partnerships form between new and existing librarians is essential to empower emerging and proficient leaders with knowledge, competencies, and networking to expand their influence on the learning community. This issue explores what one needs to understand about mentoring to impact professional practices and teaching.

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Table of Contents

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Guest Editors

Melissa P. Johnston is an Assistant Professor at The University of Alabama in the School of Library and Information Studies, where she coordinates the school library media certification program. Johnston worked as a school librarian for 13 years in Georgia before completing her PhD at Florida State University’s School of Library & Information Studies. Johnston’s research interests include school librarians as leaders, the school librarian’s role in technology integration, and the education of future school librarians. She is a monthly contributor to the blog Building a Culture of Collaboration.

Ann M. Martin is an educational specialist in Library Services for the Henrico County Public Schools in Virginia. She is a past president of AASL and author of Seven Steps to an Award Winning School Library Program (2012). She has received many awards including the Longwood University Professionals Who Made a Difference Award (2008), AASL National School Library Media Program of the Year (2002), and Virginia Tech Excellence in Education Award (2000). Ann’s school district, Henrico County Public Schools, was one of three AASL National School Library Program of the Year Award winners in 2011.

Read the Guest Editor column, “Mentoring through Partnerships” by Ann and Melissa from the issue!

Listen to a podcast interview with Melissa and Ann about their issue on Mentoring through Partnerships.

30 Second Thought Leadership Videos

View video podcasts from school library leaders who answer the question, “How does taking the time to mentor others benefit a school librarian?

School Library Research (SLR) Spotlight

If you liked the Mar/Apr 2013 Knowledge Quest articles on Mentoring through Partnerships you may be interested in this research study published in School Library Research (SLR):

Reaching All Learners: Understanding and Leveraging Points of Intersection for School Librarians and Special Education Teachers

Visit the SLR website to view other research articles by volume and author.

Additional Resources

Mentoring/Collaborating Partners Survey and Collaborating Partners Rubric referenced in the feature, "Collaborating Partners: An Effective Mentoring Program For School Librarians" by Joyce Jones Ricks!

Here are some Essential Links on Mentoring that you may find useful. Essential Links is a wiki that comprises a working bibliography of resources for school librarians, principals, parents, charter school organizers, library para-professionals, government officials, and college instructors. Books, journal articles, websites, and other media are included.

Article from the Archive

We also offer a free feature article from a previous issue that ties that relates to the current issue. Click the link below to read the feature story: “Raising the Bar: Engaging Staff and Students in a Culture of Participation” by Sue Kowalski from the Sept/Oct 2012 issue on Participatory Culture and Learning!

“Raising the Bar: Engaging Staff and Students in a Culture of Participation”