Personal Learning Networks

Volume 41, No. 2
Nov/Dec 2012

The theme for the Nov/Dec 2012 Knowledge Quest is Personal Learning Networks (PLNs). This issue includes articles on creating, sharing, and growing through use of PLNs, which include a multitude of different communities such social networking sites, conferences and more. The issue is guest edited by Carolyn Jo Starkey.

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Table of Contents

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Guest Editor

Carolyn Jo Starkey serves as a librarian at Shades Valley High School/Jefferson County IB School in Irondale, AL. She is President-Elect of the Alabama School Library Association (ASLA) and edits the Alabama School Librarian for the association. She was the recipient of ASLA's 2012 Ann Marie Pipkin Technology Award and the co-recipient of the 2012 Carrie C. Robinson Outstanding Media Program of the Year Award. Carolyn is Chair of the Alabama Library Association's (ALLA) Children's and School Library Division and edits the ALLA Communicator. She is currently co-manager of the AASL blog and serves on the AASL Publication Committee.

Read Carolyn's Guest Editor column, Going for PLN Gold in the Professional Development Olympics pdf icon from the issue!

KQ Webinar

Knowledge Quest is proud to present a webinar by Sandra Hughes-Hassell, Amanda Brasfield and Debbie Dupree based on their article, “Making the Most of Professional Learning Communities” in the Nov/Dec 2012 issue.

Making the Most of Professional Learning Communities

School librarians can and are performing a variety of roles as members of professional learning communities (PLCs). In this webinar the eight roles for school librarians—all encouraged by the AASL national guidelines—are explored: information specialist, staff developer, teacher and collaborator, critical friend, leader, researcher, learner, and student advocate.

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Exclusive Online Feature

Online Exclusive Feature: Content Curation and the School Librarian pdf icon by Nikki D. Robertson.

30 Second Thought Leadership

View video podcasts from school library leaders who answer the question, “What makes personal learning networks critical to professional development?”

School Library Research (SLR) Spotlight

If you liked the Nov/Dec 2012 Knowledge Quest issue on “Personal Learning Networks” you may be interested in this research study published in School Library Research (SLR):

The Relationship Between School Culture and the School Library Program: Four Case Studies pdf icon

Visit the SLR website to view other research articles by volume and author.

Additional Resources

21 Resources to Kick-Start a Gold Medal PLN pdf icon by Carolyn Jo Starkey

Here are some Essential Links related to Personal Learning Networks that you may find useful at your school library. Essential Links is a wiki that comprises a working bibliography of resources for school librarians, principals, parents, charter school organizers, library para-professionals, government officials, and college instructors. Books, journal articles, websites, and other media are included.

Article from the Archive

We offer a free feature article from a previous issue that ties that relates to the current issue. Click the link below to read a feature story from the Jan/Feb 2012 issue on “Futurecasting!”

Innovative Professional Development: Expanding Your Professional Learning Network pdf icon by Lisa Perez