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Insights from Leaders in the School Library Community

AASL presents 30 Second Thought Leadership: Insights from Leaders in the School Library Community, a video podcast series delivering brief and practical advice from respected school library leaders on important questions about school libraries today and in the future. Questions are based on the themes of Knowledge Quest issues. 

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November/December 2013 Issue

Q: “What will be the next big thing to revolutionize school library collections?”

Scott Chain is the vice president Market & Industry Relations for Follett School Solutions. Scott has spent much of his career visiting Follett customers and finding solutions for their education needs. He began his career at Follett as an account manager, moved through different sales management positions, until most recently leading the sales organization at Follett Library Resources as executive director sales. His background gives him extensive knowledge of and experience in PK-12 schools. Scott is a graduate of Grove City College where he received his bachelor of science degree.

Three decades ago, Randal Heise and his wife and business partner, Kitty, set out to create a school library book distribution company that would offer students, teachers, schools, and school libraries a single source for the most important and resourceful titles available. The sole purpose was, and remains, to elevate and accelerate the progress of education across our nation’s K-12 schools. Today, under the Heises’ tireless dedication to this mission, Mackin Educational Resources enjoys access to more than three million printed fiction and non-fiction titles from more than 18,000 publishers. Keeping in step with today’s digital demands, Mackin now offers a robust selection of e-book, audio book and database titles, rapidly approaching 250,000. 

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