Developing leaders in education

School librarians are teachers who know the school’s curriculum, and effective techniques necessary to cross disciplines and integrate information and technology literacy. It is AASL’s strategic goal to achieve universal recognition of school librarians as indispensable educational leaders.

Standards & Guidelines

AASL keeps you connected to the most current developments in national educational standards, while providing tools and resources to help with implementation, and to set apart the profession as leaders in education.

Through partnerships and collaborations with organizations like the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21), the Common Core State Standards Initiative, the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), and other key companies and organizations that support the association’s mission, AASL is your professional hub to developments in the national educational and school library community.

AASL develops resources, products and services that demonstrate how the association’s learning standards and program guidelines for school library programs align with the standards of the larger educational community and guide members as they collaborate with classroom teachers.

Advocacy & Action

AASL is a division of the American Library Association (ALA), the most influential library association in the country. Founded in 1876, ALA is also the oldest and largest (over 66,000 members) national library association in the world. When we speak, our collective voices are heard.

Supported by the ALA Washington Office, the ALA Public Information Office and an active AASL legislative committee, AASL identifies the key legislative issues, provides materials for appealing to decisions makers in a unified voice, and brings strength and influence in numbers. Through the development of advocacy tools and resources, AASL helps you develop your voice in the profession, hone your advocacy skills and gain confidence in communicating with your school and local communities and officials.

Continuing Education

AASL will keep you connected to the latest in research, best practices, and educational standards to help you lead education within your program, your district, your state, your region and the school library profession. AASL already knows the essential role you play in student achievement, and is committed to supporting your growth in the continually changing academic environment. AASL offers a variety of continuing education products, services and programs in cost-effective, accessible formats, including conferences, pre-conferences, institutes, webinars, online courses and publications.

Community Participation

AASL welcomes member participation, adding to the rich history of inspired, innovative leadership in the school library community. Leadership only begins with access to first-class educational tools and resources. To develop effective leaders in the school library and education community, AASL connects its membership with opportunities and environments to engage in leadership practice, including committee appointments, volunteer opportunities, award and scholarship programs, presenter proposals, and online social communities.

In addition to the various public-facing social communities, AASL members have access to exclusive member communities on ALA Connect, and to the ALA membership directory. Remain connected to AASL members between conferences and keep up with your colleagues around the country about the issues facing your school library programs.

Member Testimonials

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