Capstone Rewards Program

Capstone is offering all new and renewing AASL members the opportunity to earn 10,000 Capstone Rewards points!

How does it work?
Upon joining, renewing, or reinstating AASL membership, members will receive an email from AASL with information on logging into the AASL VIP page. The most current Capstone Rewards code will be listed for member use.

What if I do not want my email address on file?
An alternative to emailing your access code is by fax. Simply:

  • Note that you are requesting your "Capstone Rewards Code" on the fax cover sheet;
  • copy your membership card; and
  • fax to (312) 280-5276.

Please allow 3-5 business days for response.

Is there a cost to sign up for the Capstone Rewards Program?
There is no cost. Signing up to activate your Capstone Rewards account is free. Once you have set up your account and activated your 10,000 bonus points you are free to select as many books as you like within the 10,000 points (roughly equivalent to five free books). The books are then shipped and processed for free as well. Any purchases that exceed 10,000 points will incur an expense.

Where can I learn more about Capstone’s Reward Program?
Complete details and contact information are available on the Capstone Rewards webpage. For questions regarding your access code please contact AASL (see instructions below).

What if I already have a Capstone Rewards account?
You can add an additional 10,000 points to your existing Capstone Rewards account. Simply access your current Capstone Rewards account and enter the code provided in the email from AASL.

What if I am not currently in a school setting (i.e. retired, student, unemployed)?
The Capstone Rewards points are non-transferrable. If you are not currently employed in a school library setting you can set up your account, choose your books and donate to a school library of your choice.

What if I let my membership lapse?
Members who have let their membership expire, but re-join AASL will receive Capstone Rewards points.