Policy Statement

Selection Policy

Essential Links is a place to share needed resources with school library professionals and other interested educational stakeholders. The focus of this site is professional resources that help school library educators plan, design, deliver, evaluate and improve their library program.

Topics covered have been studied, requested, and suggested by library colleagues and professionals. Links to websites, books, journal articles, and other media are all included in an effort to offer a variety of suggested materials.

Before submitting an item, please carefully consider reliability, accuracy, timeliness, scope, relevance, need and availability. Resources older than five years will only be considered for inclusion if they contain information of historical or special application and importance.

The tools on this site will be subject to ongoing examination for continued usefulness. Members of the Essential Links editorial board will serve as the primary reviewers in this process.

Commercial products that are included here are generally only those that are:

  • Resources published or produced by ALA or its units or divisions;

  • Resources published or produced by organizations while in partnership with ALA.

These resources are for the use of the stakeholders listed above and are intended to be used, as needed, for sharing with interested colleagues. The wiki cannot be used, in whole or in part, in another publication without the express consent of the American Association of School Librarians.