Phrases & Captions

Head your display with this:

The Future is Information...

Talented People Wanted!

What follows are several captions that can go with pictures of librarians. Try to get as many different types and sizes of libraries as possible to show the diversity of places to work.

"I feel that I am of use to the community where I live and that I improve the quality of life of the people in it."

Use this caption with librarians working at circulation or reference desks of public libraries.

"No one ever stops learning!

This caption can be used with a special or academic librarian.

"I like helping faculty and students learn together."

Use with pictures of school librarians.

"Do you like to surf the web? Be an Internet Guide!"

This can be used showing librarians working at computers.

"I wanted a job where I could work with both people and information, but neither exclusively"

This is a caption that can be used to show a technical services department.

"Do You Want To Get Paid For Doing Something You Love?"

This caption was used with a librarian that was in charge of the audio/visual collection of a public library.

"Have You Considered Management?"

Put this phrase with a picture of a library director.

"You Can Help Someone Discover New Knowledge!'[

This phrase can go with a special librarian or a reference desk.

"If You Love To Read…Open A Book And Open The World!"

This can be used with a picture of a librarian helping a preschooler select a book.

Here are some other phrases that you can use in your display.

"One can switch careers without switching field. I have been a children's librarian, library educator, library consultant and academic librarian. All had appeal at the time and I can still see exciting things that could be done in any one of these specialties."

"The fascinating field of Librarians and Information Specialists offers many job options, work settings, types of work, and geographical mobility."

"What do you want in a Career... Challenge? Variety? Are you into the world of information technology? Do interesting bits of information fascinate you? Do you like the world of ideas? Librarians change lives!"

Beverly Obert
Library Development Coordinator
Rolling Prairie Library System
Decatur, IL 62522