Creating Your Own Display

Create a display board by following these simple steps.

  1. Take pictures of librarians doing many different jobs and at many different types and sized of libraries. Make sure you have permission to use their picture on a display.  Photo Release Form

  2. When you get the pictures developed have them enlarged to a 5x7 format.

  3. Crop the pictures to show the activity of the librarian and mount them on foam core board.

  4. Write some catchy phrases or captions to go with them or use the ones we have provided. The phrases can be mounted on foam core board or laminated and attached by themselves to the display board.  Phrases and Captions

  5. Purchase a transportable display board. There is a nice display board perfect for this project that contains three panels, each panel measures 36” H x 24” W, a header, 12” H x 24” W, and a carrying case that is available from many library supply catalogs. Look under the heading of exhibit panels and displays.

  6. The pictures and phrases can be attached to the display board with Velcro.

Beverly Obert
Library Development Coordinator
Rolling Prairie Library System
Decatur, IL 62522