TV on a Dime: Creating a Library TV Studio

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The school library should already be a center for information, for technology and for creation in a school. Those aspects uniquely position the library program to create an ad hoc television studio. Because many schools and districts don't have the money to invest in a state-of-the art studio, this webinar will focus on how to create a functional studio on a tight budget. We will focus on software, hardware and other preparation work required for creation of a studio, focusing specifically on a Windows environment using free vMix software, but also presenting some information on using a Mac-based environment. It will also show how the studio can be used to help students create projects. We will talk about creating a daily live or taped news show, student-created video presentations, and student documentaries.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Attendees should leave the webinar with the knowledge and skills to create their own television studio in the school library.
  • Attendees will have a basic understanding of the technical requirements of a television studio and how to use it on a regular basis.

  • Attendees will develop project ideas for use in a school television studio, including student-run news programs and literature reflection.

Who Should Attend

School library professionals and those interested in the topic.


Brandon Otte is the Library Media Specialist at Armstrong Elementary School in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. He is in his second tour of duty at the elementary level, teaching students in kindergarten through sixth grade. He has also worked in both middle and high school level libraries. Brandon is a graduate of Western Kentucky University's online Masters of Library science program. Before he worked in school libraries, he spent three years as a journalist in rural Minnesota. As a librarian and as a journalist, Brandon is an avid lifelong learner. He loves to help students of all ages develop the tools to gather information from a variety of resources and create their own content. 





This webinar archive is complimentary.

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Tech Requirements

Internet connection and web browser.


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