MyStorybook: Create, Illustrate & Publish

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During this webinar, Russell Hoy and Karrin Huynh walk viewers through the in’s and out’s of MyStorybook, demonstrating how to create your own online storybook. By exploring books made by students around the globe, Russell and Karrin show viewers how MyStorybook can be used in classrooms to promote creativity and literacy in a fun and engaging way.

Learning Outcomes

  1. How to create and share your own storybook!
  2. Look at the most popular types of books created by teachers and students!

  3. How MyStorybook can be integrated into a classroom!

Who Should Attend

School library professionals and those interested in the topic.


Karrin Huynh

Karrin Huynh is currently a Teacher Candidate at York University in Toronto, Canada, focusing on social justice and teaching in inner city schools. She previously worked for an internet marketing agency for 2 years as a social media marketing manager. Karrin also worked as a nanny for several years prior, and improvised storytelling was a favorite activity among the children she worked with. Karrin’s passion for education and storytelling combined with her experience in marketing and technology lead to the co-creation of MyStorybook, an interactive educational website for creating and sharing children’s storybooks.



Russell Hoy

Russell Hoy is a co-founder of MyStorybook and a consultant at a web development agency in Toronto, Canada. He studied Ethics, Society, and Law at the University of Toronto before moving into marketing, web development, and user experience design. Russell is interested in how technology can lead to new opportunities for education and social issues.






This webinar archive is complimentary to AASL members and eCOLLAB subscribers.

How to Register

No registration is required.

Tech Requirements

Internet connection and web browser.


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