Using the Standards to Further Your Instructional Leadership

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Librarians are leaders. Join Jeanie Phillips and Ellen McNair, members of the AASL Standards implementation task force, as they unpack critical aspects of instructional leadership. We’ll talk about aligning your superpowers as a librarian with the new standards and the needs of your school community. We will collaborate to discover opportunities, strategies, and leverage points, so you can flex your instructional muscles to impact your entire school community. 

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Learning Outcomes

  1. To familiarize yourself with leadership opportunities in the AASL standards.
  2. To consider instructional leadership strategies related to our role in implementing in the AASL standards.

  3. To identify important leverage points of instructional leadership in your library program.

Who Should Attend

School library professionals and those interested in the topic.


Ellen McNair

Ellen McNair is a Consultant for Library Programs, formerly a Librarian and an Education Specialist for the Library Program in Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia. She provides professional development  to curious and innovative librarians and teachers. Ellen has a special interest in disrupting pedagogy through inquiry and creating meaningful, personalized learning experiences for all students. Every day is complete as long as it includes great coffee, laughter, dessert and her dogs.




Jeanie Phillips

Jeanie Phillips is a former (and always!) school librarian and a Professional Development Coordinator for The Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education. A 2014 Rowland Fellow and a Collaborative Practices Facilitator for the School Reform Initiative, she is passionate about student engagement, equity, collaboration, and questions. Jeanie likes to hike the woods of southern Vermont with her dog Charlie and is always in search of a well-brewed cup of tea and a good book.



The archive of this webinar is complimentary to all.

How to Register

No registration is required.

Tech Requirements

Internet connection and web browser.


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