Championing Internet Access for Students on Banned Websites Awareness Day

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It's happened to all of us - we’re at school trying to access the perfect website for a learning activity at school and.... it’s blocked. Now what? While banning books is commonly recognized by librarians as detrimental to the student educational experience, restricted website access isn’t on everyone’s radar. That’s where Banned Websites Awareness Day comes in. In this session, participants examine how excessive Internet filtering in K-12 schools undermines 21st century learning. 

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Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to reframe the conversation about Internet access in K-12 schools:
  • as an equity issue
  • as an intellectual freedom issue
  • as a citizenship issue

Who Should Attend

School library professionals and those interested in the topic.


Michelle Luhtala

Michelle Luhtala is the department chair at New Canaan High School Library in Connecticut – a program that has received several prestigious awards, including the National School Library Program of the Year. She is the facilitator of edWeb,net/emerging tech, an online professional learning community for school librarians, curriculum and technology education leaders, and administrators. Michelle is the chair of the AASL Banned Websites Awareness Day committee and frequently presents webinars and contributes to professional literature. 




Access to this webinar archive is complimentary.

How to Register

No registration is required.

Tech Requirements

Internet connection and web browser.


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