Brains Change @ Your Library


Are you making the most of your “library time?”  Whether you are working with a fixed or flexible schedule, it is imperative to treat every opportunity as a valuable teachable moment. In this short webinar, we hope to leave you challenged to insert an element of higher level thought into your lessons. We all need to raise the rigor of our learning endeavors and train students to think, discover, and share.  

Presenter: Paige Jaeger



Thank you so much for this amazing presentation. I am just starting on my MLIS and I am very inspired by your examples and can't wait to be in a school media center. It is wonderful to see how so many of the topics that I had learned while being a classroom teacher will be relevant. I love how you challenge both librarians and teachers to be better. I can't wait until I have a break in my studies so I can read the resources you provide. Regards, Tracy Gandy

I am currently enrolled in an LIS degree program. Brain research, Common Core State Standards, rigor, and inquiry are not new to me because I have been a teacher for the last six years. The ideas that you suggested on how I can use that knowledge in the school library, now as a teacher or in the future as a librarian, was inspiring. I enjoyed your presentation and look forward to learning more from you in the future and from your resources. Thank you again for helping me to make the connection between my educational experiences and my future career in school librarianship. Sincerely, Erica Panter