Information Technology Pathfinder Award

Sponsored by Follett

Monetary amount: $1,000 to the school librarian and $500 to the school library program

Deadline: February 1, 2015


The Information Technology Pathfinder Award recognizes and honors school librarians demonstrating vision and leadership through the use of information technology to build lifelong learners.


Division One: For the innovative use of information technology in the school library program in an elementary (K-6) setting.

Division Two: For the innovative use of information technology in the school library program in a secondary (7-12) setting.


Each application will be judged on the basis of:

  1. the identification and utilization of technologies which address the needs of the school community;
  2. the integration of technology into the school curriculum; and
  3. the depth of the impact on student learning.

For the purpose of this award, "information technology" shall be defined as "any technology or combination of technologies that enables students and teachers to access, integrate, manage and produce information in a wide variety of formats." These technologies include, but are not limited to, computers and computer applications, databases, Internet, CD-ROM, laser technology, video, telecommunications, networking, distance learning and other emerging technologies.

Applicants must be personal members of AASL.

View the award rating sheet.

Questions? Contact Jonna Ashley, 800-545-2433 x 4381

Past Recipients

Year Elementary Category Secondary Category
2015 no award given Carolyn Kirio
2014 Susan Nottoli Louise Lankau
2013 Joseph Landor Judy Russell
2012 Sally Mays Elizabeth Kahn
2011 Stephanie Rosalia Glovis South
2010 no award given no award given
2009 Jennifer Gorup Melanie Le Jeune
2008 no award given no award given
2007 Holly Hartell Sheila Howard
2006 Julie Masterson-Smith Sara Reibman
2005 no award given no award given
2004 no award given Rebecca Perkins
2003 no award given Sarah McElrath
2002 no award given Ken Vesey
2001 Beverly "Buffy" Smith-Edwards Ann Bell
2000 Kimberly Sweigart Grotewold Dr. J. Dale Guthrie
1999 Sharlene Miller Ballas Betty K. Brackin
1998 Constance Vidor Lynda S. Morris
1997 no award given Lynzie Boudreaux
1996 Marsha L. West Cynthia Montoya
1995 M. Ellen Jay Peggy A. Nelson Kallsen
1994 no award given Becky Mather
1993 no award given Pamela Hill
1992 no award given Rochelle Glantz
1991 David James Hende Bonnie Lynn Fishrson
1990 John Crowley Lynnette H. Duhammell
1989 Joyce M Kendall Larry A. Parsons
1988 Nancy Everhart Linda Hartman
1987 Carol L. Fisher Cecilia Hunter
1986 Robert Skapura Elizabeth Bankhead &
Carole Martinez
1985 Raymond W. Barber Judy Logan