Learning Standards & Program Guidelines Implementation Toolkit

Implementation Challenges

Changing the direction of your school library can be challenging. You're not alone: others have been working on aligning their library with meaningful, rich student learning experiences using the L4L modalities. Michael Fullan says, "For a long time, we have had the finding that when you try something new, even if there has been some preimplementation preparation, the first few months are bumpy. How could they be otherwise? New skills and understandings require a learning curve" (2010). It is during this period, which Fullan calls the "implementation dip," that the extensive preparations that you undertook earlier in this process begin to pay off. Keep your focus on the big objectives, and push through the discomfort that change can induce. The implementation dip is also a great time to keep current with professional readings and networking, so you can draw inspiration from those who have traveled on your journey just ahead of you.

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