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Press release: AASL designates Wednesday, September 28, 2011, as Banned Websites Awareness Day external link icon

AASL White Paper on Educational Technology in Schools

"Filtering Texas-Style: An Interview with Michael Gras and Scott FloydKnowledge Quest 39, no.1 (September/October 2010), pages 30-37.

"Minors’ First Amendment Rights: CIPA & School LibrariesKnowledge Quest 39, no.1 (September/October 2010), pages 16-21.

"A Tale of Two Students" external link iconAmerican Libraries (08/07/2012)

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Filtering and the First Amendment by Deborah Caldwell-Stone with "Snapshot of Filtering in School Libraries" by Helen R. Adams


“Don’t Filter Me” High School Student Information Gathering Activity
Have high school students try to access selected web sites with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender-related content to check whether their schools’ filters are blocking access to these sites.

The ACLU “Don’t Filter Me” project notes that blocking access to this content while still allowing access to anti-LGBT sites violates students’ First Amendment rights and, at schools that have gay-straight alliance clubs, the federal Equal Access Act which “requires equal access to school resources for all extracurricular clubs, including gay-straight alliances and LGBT support groups.” Information for checking websites is located at external link icon