AASL Interest Groups

How to Form an AASL Special Interest Group

Did you know that the AASL bylaws (approved June 1997) allow AASL members to form interest groups? Any group of ten or more AASL members interested in discussing a common concern which falls within the purpose of the AASL, but which is not the responsibility of an AASL section or committee, can form an interest group upon written petition from the group and approval by the AASL Board of Directors.

Each interest group elects a chairperson at its meeting during the ALA Annual Conference. The chair keeps a list of the members of the group, is responsible for all communications with them, presides at meetings of the group, and files a written report with the AASL president after each meeting. An interest group may meet to discuss common problems and concerns; establish a means of communication among members; and recommend action to the AASL Board of Directors. However, the interest group may incur no expenses except as authorized, and make no policy.

Membership in an interest group is open to all AASL members who are interested in the concerns of that group.

An interest group may be dissolved at its request by the AASL Board of Directors, and shall be dissolved if it becomes inactive or fails to comply with the provisions of Article XIII of the AASL Bylaws.

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