Division Councilor Candidate

Valerie A. Edwards

Educational Outreach & Training Specialist
Madison, WI

Candidate Statement

As the current AASL Division Councilor, I have focused on communication as a fundamental vehicle for empowering leaders to transform teaching and learning.  Communication should occur in many fashions and should allow leaders to take a role in ways that are most suitable for them.  Providing concise information on issues/actions that ALA is focusing on is critical in enabling leaders to be proactive as they identify opportunities and address concerns thus strengthening their ability to be responsive.  This type of communication best takes the form of posts to AASL Forum and alerts in AASL calls to action sent via email or via AASL Hotlines.  Regular reporting to the AASL Executive Committee, AASL Board and AASL staff are essential to effectively providing key information on professional development and leadership opportunities to AASL leaders/mentors. 

In addition to communicating with AASL members, in the role of AASL Division Councilor, I have built relationships with ALA Council members that provide for communication targeted at sharing the issues and opportunities that AASL is undertaking in which they can share either by supporting or participating with our membership.  In this way, I have and would continue to serve as a conduit of communication both to ALA Council from AASL and to AASL organization, staff and membership from ALA Council and the larger ALA organizational body.