President-Elect Candidate

Audrey Puckett Church

Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator
Longwood University
Farmville, VA

Candidate Statement

It is an honor to stand as a candidate for AASL president-elect. What an exciting time to be school librarians! We work with students, teachers, administrators, parents. As teachers, instructional partners, information specialists, instructional leaders, program administrators, we work with print and the newest technologies. We teach children skills, help develop dispositions, scaffold as they take responsibilities, position them to self-assess. We drive the learning in our schools.

And, yet, what a challenging time! Asked to do more with less funding, staffing, and time, we face access issues and the ongoing task of informing others regarding our critical role in student learning.

We must continue to work

  • toward having a qualified librarian in every school;
  • to insure that we have quality school librarian preparation programs; and
  • to educate stakeholders regarding key contributions strong librarians and strong library programs make to instruction.

Advocacy begins with each of us!