ESLS Representative to the Board Candidate

Audrey Puckett Church

Current Position:

Associate Professor and Coordinator, School Library Media Program, Longwood University, Farmville, VA

Type of Library:  


Previous Position:

School librarian, Lunenburg County Public Schools, 1980-2000

Degrees and Certificates:

Virginia Commonwealth University, Ph.D. in Education, 2007;
Longwood College, M.S. in Education, Concentration in School Library Media, 1993;
Bridgewater College, B.A. in English, 1980

Division Affiliation(s): 


ALA and/or ALA-APA Activities:

ESLS Representative to the AASL Board, 2011-2014
ALA Representative to NCATE, 2012
ESLS Chair, 2010-2011
AASL/NCATE Coordinating Committee, Member, 2012-2013, 2011-2012
AASL/NCATE Coordinating Committee, Chair, 2010-2011, 2008-2009  
AASL Representative to the National Adolescent Literacy Coalition, 2010-present
AASL Frances Henne Award Committee, Member, 2009-2010
AASL/NCATE School Library Media Program Recognition Report Auditor, 2010-present AASL 2008 National Institute Planning Committee, 2007-2008
AASL/NCATE School Library Media Program Reviewer, 2005-2011
ESLS Secretary, 2001-2002

Offices held in state/regional library associations, and other associations:

Virginia Educational Research Association, President-elect, 2012-2013, Secretary, 2011-2012
Virginia Association of School Librarians (formerly VEMA), VOICE Editor, 2012-present
Virginia Educational Media Association, Mediagram Editor, 2008-2011
Virginia Educational Media Association, President, 2001, President-elect and Conference Chair, 2000, Secretary, 1997-1999, Conference Planning Committee Concurrent Sessions Chair, 1997, Conference Planning Committee Administrators’ Conference Chair, 1996, Networking Committee Chair, 1995-1997, Leadership Committee Chair, 1994-1995 

Honors and Awards (library and non-library, including DATES):

VEMA Educator of the Year, 2004
VEMA AASL Presentation Award, 2001
VEMA Rutherford Memorial Award, 1992
Martha H. LeStourgeon Award, Longwood College, 1992
Phi Delta Kappa Educator of the Year Award, two Virginia Chapters, 1991

Major Accomplishments:

Well, I believe that at different ages and stages in our lives, we are inclined to view "major accomplishments" differently.  At 55, I view my major accomplishments as follows:  working for 20 years as a school librarian, encountering students in day-to-day life settings now and having them tell me that I made a difference in their lives; working for the past 14 years as an educator of school librarians, the absolute best job in the world, because our graduates go forth and positively impact children on a daily basis; being married to my (very patient and tolerant) husband for 33 years; raising two children--one now gainfully employed and happily married, the second succeeding in graduate school; earning my Ph.D. in Education just a few days shy of my 50th birthday. 


Church, A.P. (2012). Making Performance-Based Evaluation Work for You: A Recipe for Personal Learning. Knowledge Quest, 41(2).
Church, A.P. (2011). Standards for Preparing 21st Century School Librarians. School Library Monthly, 27(6), 54-56.
Church, A.P. (2010). Secondary School Principals’ Perceptions of the School Librarian’s Instructional Role, School Library Research, 13.

Links to further information:

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Statement of Professional Concerns/Aspirations if Elected:

In my years of participation in the Educators of School Librarians Section (formerly ELMSS), I've observed how we've grown as a section--in size (from meetings attended by 10-12 to meetings regularly attended by 30-40+), in the issues and topics we address (regular curriculum discussions and sharing), through updating our name and bylaws, and in visibility (on AASL committees and through our juried paper session and Research Symposium at the AASL National Conference).  It's a challenging time for school librarians with budget cuts and position losses; at the same time, it's a thrilling time to be a school librarian with the focus on nonfiction and informational text, digital citizenship, and contributions to student learning.  As educators of school librarians, we must prepare our graduates for both the challenges and thrills.  If elected, I will do my best to represent ESLS's interests and views to the AASL Board.

Member of ALA since: