AASL Appointments to ALA Working Groups

Groups and AASL Appointments

Advocacy Coordinating Group


ASCLA Accessibility Assembly

Justin LeFoll

Appointment Committee

Kathryn Roots Lewis

Carnegie/New York Times I Love My Librarian Award

Audrey Church

Cataloging of Children's Materials

Lesley Farmer

Conference Program Coordinating Team

Lucy Santos Green

Committee on Education

Karla Collins

Committee on Rural, Native, and Tribal Libraries of All Kinds

Barbara Ray

Education Assembly

April Dawkins

Freedom to Read Foundation

Robbie Nickel

Intellectual Freedom Committee

Meg FInney

Hilda Weisburg

Jaffarian Award Committee

Stephanie Schnabel

Jessica Gillis

Legislation Assembly


Literacy Assembly

Deb Logan

Membership Promotion Task Force

E. Brene Duggins

Planning and Budget Assembly

Judy Deichman

Professional Ethics Committee

Hilda Weisburg

Recruitment Assembly


Website Advisory Committee

Vandy Pacetti-Donelson

Recruitment Assembly