The Information Literacy discussion list - INFOLIT - is a forum for school, academic, and public librarians to exchange ideas on information literacy programs and experiences that demonstrate a collaborative relationship between K-12 and higher education institutions. The INFOLIT list, offered in conjunction with the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), provides a virtual space for school library professionals and their university library colleagues to share ideas and ask questions about the importance of information literacy as students transition from high school to college.

We are aware there is some confusion about the difference between INFOLIT and ILI-L. Individuals interested in the discussion of the practical, theoretical, and technical aspects of helping library users develop the skills needed to find, retrieve, analyze, and use information - not necessarily just collaborative relationships between K-12 and higher education institutions - may be interested in the Information Literacy Instruction Listserv (ILI-L).

Finally, you do not have to be an active member of ALA, AASL or ACRL to join INFOLIT. However, we do encourage you to investigate how ALA membership can benefit you!

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