AASL Electronic Discussion Lists

To foster a sense of community and create connections to others, the following electronic discussion lists are available for AASL personal members to network with each other:

Manage your subscription
Your subscriptions can be managed by going to the Sympa list server at http://lists.ala.org and setting up an account. Sympa also allows ALA list subscribers to search archives, change your mail options, and more. For subscription instructions, select an individual list above.

Account preferences
If you change your e-mail address or your name, you can log in, choose "preferences" from the upper right corner, and change the relevant information.

Modify your account
Once you've received your password, log in and choose "Your subscriptions" from the upper right corner. This will show you all AASL lists to which you've subscribed. Choose on any of your lists. If you choose "subscriber options," you can change the way you receive mail from the lists (digest, normal, nomail, etc.) along with a description of what each reception method means. The "nomail" option, for example, allows you to continue to be a member of the list without receiving any mail--a great option for vacations or medical leave periods.

Archives are easily searchable and viewable by month. To search, choose the list from which you wish to find archives, and click on "archives" in the left-hand navigation. You can search the archives by keyword, month, or year.