Task Forces

65th  Celebration

Chair: Carl Harvey email icon

Staff liaisons: Sylvia Norton email icon and Allison Cline email icon

Board liaison: Eileen Kern email icon

ALA Connect Community ALA Connect Icon


To plan, coordinate and execute the 65th Anniversary Celebration endowment campaign.


The committee will be divided into three sub-groups to address the following gift areas:

  • $6,500 + (include AASL LIFE members, vendor partners or organizations)
    • This group will require personal (in-person/phone) conversations /asks as well as the development of a strategic list of potential donors.
  • $650 (include long time members and small vendor supporters)
    • This group will consider a more personal communication plan and some individual communications as well as follow-up messaging. 
  • $65 or less (includes newer members, student members, etc.)
    • This group will focus more on the promotion/communication plan that personal reach-outs.  Will need a 12-18 month communication plan.


Community of Scholars

Chair: Jeffrey Discala email icon

Staff liaison:  Sylvia Norton email icon and Allison Cline email icon

Board liaisons: Robbie Nickel email icon

ALA Connect Community ALA Connect Icon


To develop a proposal for a structure that will support the development of a community of scholars in the school library research field, or scholars ancillary connected to school library research.


  • Identify the communities, or groups, that would fall under this structure

  • Define the purpose of this community of scholars

  • Define the needs of this community of scholars

  • Develop a structure that would be able to house and maintain the community of scholars

  • Recommend next steps to ensure this newly developed group is able to be maintained.


External Relations 

Chair: Debra Kachel email icon

Staff liaisons: Sylvia Norton email icon and Allison Cline email icon

Board liaison: Craig Seasholes email icon

ALA Connect Community ALA Connect Icon


To assist AASL in identifying three professional organizations in which AASL could have the greatest impact (i.e., has tremendous impact of overall education environment and/or school librarian role; has a structure and connection that lends itself to working with AASL).


  • Draft a scoring rubric to evaluation external professional organizations against (to include such items as impact within K-12 education, impact of school librarian role in K-12 education, collaborative opportunities with AASL, history of partnerships, etc.).

  • Gather, with assistance from AASL Board and headquarters, a list of organizations to be scored. (There is a list that was started with L4L)

  • Gather necessary information from each organization to complete a rubric.

  • Submit final report to AASL Board of Directors with recommendations.


Presidential Initiative

Co-Chair: Carl Harvey email icon

Co-Chair: Ann Martin email icon

Staff liaison: Allison Cline email icon

Board liaison: Leslie Preddy email icon

ALA Connect Community connect icon


To implement Presidential Initiatives.