Common Core Implementation Assistance Task Force

Chair: Dr. Peggy Creighton email icon

Staff liaison: Jennifer Habley email icon

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To research and develop recommendations and identify existing AASL resources and link to such resources as well as identify additional resources and activities for AASL members on how to support implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in their states and local communities including collaborative  efforts with other divisions, educational organizations and agencies.

Function Statement

  • Connect with L4L Committee and state L4L Coordinators in order to clarify the connections between the AASL standards for the 21st Century Learner and the CCSS;

  • Identify resources to help members support the implementation of the Common Core State Standards including those already determined by Best Websites for Teaching and Learning Committee as helpful for CCSS implementation;

  • Create a dynamic, web-based  “Common Core in School Libraries Toolkit ” to be launched as soon as possible;  

  • Solicit input from members to highlight best practices and exemplars; 

  • Establish and maintain a collaborative virtual space and encourage members to contribute to the content there; 

  • Link to existing materials and/or develop additional and/or ancillary materials to promote the role of the school librarian in implementation efforts;

  • Develop a recommended action plan for both AASL and individual members to most effectively connect and collaborate with other educational organizations and agencies in a way that best showcases school librarians as leaders and collaborators in the implementation of CCSS;

  • Develop a proficiency assessment question bank that can be used to generate data.