Region 9

aasl affiliate assembly logoregion 9 graphic

Director: Cindy Pfeiffer email

Director-Elect: Ken Stewart email

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Colorado Association of School Libraries external link icon

President: Paula Busey email

President-Elect: Megan McQuinn email

Delegates: Christine Schein email and David Sanger email

Legislative Contact: David Sanger email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Alex Hernandez email

State DOE Contact: Rebecca Russell email

Kansas Association of School Librarians external link icon

President: Carmaine Ternes email

President-Elect: Nancy McFarlin email

Delegates: Gwen Lehman email and Carmaine Ternes email

Legislative Contact: Diane Leupold email

State DOE Contact: Jackie Lakin email

Nebraska School Librarians Association external link icon

President: Sherry Crow email

President-Elect: Beth Kabes email

Delegates: Sherry Crow email and Carrie Turner email

Legislative Contact: Gail Formanack email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Lori Leibrandt email

State DOE Contact: Gail Formanack email

North Dakota Library Association - School Library and Youth Services external link icon

President: Lesley Gunderson email

President-Elect: Lesley Gunderson email

Delegates: Lesley Gunderson email and Arlene Gunderson email

State DOE Contact: Anita Decker email

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