Region 9

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Regional Director: Ann Schuster   |   Regional Representative: Betty Meyer

ALA Connect Community

Colorado Association of School Librarians external link icon

Co-President: Rebecca Russell

Co-President: Molly Gibney

Delegate: Megan McQuinn

Legislative Contact: Elena Rosenfeld

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Martin Garner

State DOE Contact: Gene Hainer

Kansas Association of School Librarians external link icon

President: Martha House

President-Elect: Lucas Loughmiller

Delegate 1: Lucas Loughmiller

Delegate 2: Martha House

Legislative Contact: Nancy McFarlin

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Ken Stewart

State DOE Contact: Jackie Lakin

Nebraska School Librarians Association external link icon

President: Courtney Pentland

President-Elect: Cynthia Stogdill

Delegate: Betty Meyer

Legislative Contact: Laura Pietsch

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Lora Leibrandt

State DOE Contact: Chris Haeffner

School Section of South Dakota Library Association external link icon

President: Kimberly Darata

Delegate 1: Jenelle Kirchoff

Delegate 2: Kimberly Darata

Legislative Contact: Sharlene Lien

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Kerri Smith

State DOE Contact: Alissa Adams

Wyoming Library Association - School Library Interest Group external link icon

Chair: Jennisen Lucas

Chair-Elect: Connie Hollin

Delegate 1: Connie Hollin

Delegate 2: Jennisen Lucas 

Legislative Contacts: Maggie Stubbs and Megan Bietz-Dingman

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Carey Hartmann

State DOE Contact: Julie Magee

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