Region 7

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Regional Director: Katie Williams email icon

Regional Representative: Renee Ousley-Swank email icon

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Arizona Library Association, Teacher Librarian Division external link icon

Chair: Gina Macaluso email icon

Delegate 1: Jean Kilker email icon


California School Library Association external link icon

President: Renee Ousley-Swank email icon

Delegate 1: Teresa Lai  email icon

Delegate 2: Renee Ousley-Swank email icon

Legislative Contact: Glen Warren email icon

State DOE Contact: Renee Ousley-Swank email icon


Hawaiʻi Association of School Librarians external link icon

Co-President: Sandra Yamamoto email icon

Co-President: Michael-Brian Ogawa email icon

Delegate 1: Michael-Brian Ogawa  email icon

Advocacy Contact: Sherry Rose email icon

State DOE Contact: Joanna Dunn email icon


Nevada Library Association - Nevada School and Children Librarians' Section external link icon

Chair: Soraya Silverman-Montano email icon

Delegate: Soraya Silverman-Montano email icon

Legislative Contact: Joan Dalusung email icon

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Eva Stowers email icon

State DOE Contact: Kathleen Galland-Collins email icon


Utah Educational Library Media Association external link icon

President: Lorraine Wyness email icon

President-Elect: Ann Riding email icon

Delegate 1: Caitlin Gerrity email icon

Legislative Contact: Sarah Herron email icon

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Wanda Huffaker email icon

State DOE Contact: Garret Rose email icon


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