Region 6

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Regional Director: Susi Parks Grissom email icon

Regional Representative: Cassandra Barnett email icon

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Arkansas Association of School Librarians external link icon

Chair: Cassandra Barnett email icon

Chair-Elect: Daniel Fouts email icon

Delegate: Cassandra Barnett email icon

Legislative Contact: Hadi S. Dudley email icon

Intellectual Freedom Contact: John Paul Myrick email icon

State DOE Contact: Cassandra Barnett email icon


Arkansas Association of Instructional Media external link icon

President: Heather Hughes

Delegate 1: Cassandra Barnett email icon

Delegate 2: Devona Pendergrass email icon

Legislative Contact: Stephanie Huffman email icon

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Devona Pendergrass email icon

State DOE Contact: Cassandra Barnett email icon


New Mexico, Advocacy for School Libraries Special Interest
 external link icon

Chair: Heather Christensen email icon

Delegate 1: Sara Cook email icon

Delegate 2: Marian B. Royal email icon

Legislative Contact: Linda Keulen email icon


Oklahoma School Librarians external link icon

Chair: Cherity Pennington email icon

Delegate 1: Barbara Ray email icon

Delegate 2: Cherity Pennington email icon

State DOE Contact: Timmie Spangler email icon


Texas Association of School Librarians external link icon

Chair: Kate DiPronio email icon

Chair-Elect: Nancy Jo Lambert email icon

Delegate 1: Susi Grissom email icon

Delegate 2: Kate DiPronio email icon

Legislative Contact: Jennifer Rike email icon

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Irene Kistler email icon


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