Region 5

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Regional Director: Lisa Hathcock email

Regional Representative: Charlene Picheloup email

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Alabama School Library Association external link icon

President: Molly Bates email

President-Elect: Nicole McMickens email

Delegate 1: Molly Bates email

Delegate 2: Carolyn Starkey email

Legislative Contacts: Elizabeth Hester email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Carolyn Starkey email

State DOE Contact: Meg Lowery email

Florida Association of Media in Education external link icon

President: Michelle Jarrett email

President-Elect: Lucretia Miller  email

Delegate 1: Michelle Jarrett email

Delegate 2: Lucretia Miller email

Legislative Contacts: Deb Svec email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Patricia Franklin email

State DOE Contact: Katrina Figgett email

Georgia Library Media Association external link icon

President: Beth Miller email

Delegate 1: Beth Miller email

Delegate 2: Janelle McClure email

Legislative Contacts: Nan Brown email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Valerie Ayer email

Louisiana Association of School Librarians external link icon

President: Kristy Sturm email

President-Elect: Jade Calais 

Delegate 1: Charlene Picheloup email

Delegate 2: Cathy Smith email

Legislative Contacts: Dawn Pinkston email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Rebecca Day Carl email

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Last updated: 08/07/15