Region 4

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Regional Director: Pamela Renfrow email icon

Regional Representative: Carolyn Vibbert email icon

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Kentucky Association of School Librarians external link icon

President: Lisa Hughes email icon

President-Elect: James Allen email icon

Delegate 1: Lisa Hughes email icon

Delegate 2: James Allen email icon

Legislative Contacts: Tara Griffith email icon

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Michelle Lemmon email icon

State DOE Contact: Kathy Mansfield email icon


North Carolina School Library Media Association external link icon

President: Walter Carmichael email icon

President-Elect: Sedley Abercrombie email icon

Delegate 1: Walter Carmichael email icon

Delegate 2: Sedley Abercrombie email icon

Legislative Contact: Bitsy Griffin email icon

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Meredith Hill email icon

State DOE Contact: Kathy Parker email icon


South Carolina Associaton of School Librarians external link icon

President: Jennifer Tazerouti email icon

President-Elect: Cindy Symonds email icon

Delegate 1: Jennifer Tazerouti email icon

Delegate 2: Cindy Symonds email icon

Legislative Contact: Anne Lemieux email icon

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Heather Loy email icon

State DOE Contact: Regina Thurmond email icon


Tennessee Association of School Librarians external link icon

President: Lora Ann Black email icon

President-Elect: Mindy Nichols email icon

Delegate 1: Lora Ann Black email icon

Delegate 2: Mindy Nichols email icon

Legislative Contact: Beth Frerking email icon

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Brian Seadorf email icon

State DOE Contact: David Sevier email icon


Virginia Association of School Librarians external link icon

President: Carolyn Vibbert email icon

President-Elect: Kelly Miller email icon

Delegate 1: Carolyn Vibbert email icon

Delegate 2: Kelly Miller email icon

Legislative Contact: Carolyn Vibbert email icon

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Sabrina Carnesi email icon

State DOE Contact: Jean Weller email icon


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Last updated: 02/11/16