Region 3

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Director: Sarah Thornbery email

Regional Representative: Becky Johnson email

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Illinois School Library Media Association external link icon

President: Stephanie Stieglitz email

President-Elect: Angela Green email

Delegate 1: Stephanie Stieglitz email 

Delegate 2: Angela Green email

Legislative Contact: Lou Ann Jacobs email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Megan Cusick email

State DOE Contact: Jamey Baiter email

Association of Indiana School Library Educators external link icon

President: Gigi Shook email

President-Elect: Michelle Houser email

Delegate 1: Gigi Shook email 

Delegate 2: Ben Moore email

Legislative Contact: Michael McCollough email

Iowa Association of School Librarians external link icon

President: Dixie Forcht email

Delegate 1: Becky Johnson email

Legislative Contact: Chelsea Sims email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Becky Johnson email

Michigan Association for Media in Education external link icon

President: Kathrine Lester email

President-Elect: Gwenn Marchesano email

Delegate 1: Kathrine Lester email 

Delegate 2: Gwenn Marchesano email

Legislative Contact: Cynthia Kleinheksel email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Martha Spear email

State DOE Contact: Karren Reish email

Information and Technology Educators of Minnesota external link icon

President: Mary Mehsikomer email

Delegate 1: Andy Bodeau  email

Legislative Contact: Ann Walker Smalley email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Doug Johnson email

State DOE Contact: Jennifer Nelson email

Missouri Association of School Librarians external link icon

President: Lysha Thompson email

Vice President: Margaret Sullivan email

Delegate 1: Kristy Johnson email

Legislative Contact: LuAnn Madsen email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Linda Weatherspoon email

State DOE Contact: Curt Fuchs email

Ohio Educational Library Media Association external link icon

President: Susan Yutzey email

President-Elect: Angela Wojtecki email

Delegate 1: Susan Yutzey email 

Delegate 2: Angela Wojtecki email

Legislative Contact: Susie Ridgeway email

State DOE Contact: Shatelle Hill email

Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Association external link icon

President: Donna Smith email

President-Elect: Kim Bannigan email

Delegate 1: Renee Disch email

Delegate 2: Donna Smith email

Legislative Contact: Sandra Heiden email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Carin Bringelson email

State DOE Contact: Nancy Anderson email

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