Region 2

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Director: Cathie Marriott email

Director-Elect: Eileen Kern email

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Maryland Association of School Librarians external link icon

President: Mary Jo Richmond email

Delegates: Jay Bansbach email and Mary Jo Richmond email

Legislative Contact: Jay Bansbach email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Mary Jo Richmond email

State DOE Contact: Jay Bansbach email

New Jersey Association of School Librarians external link icon

President: Pam Gunter email

Vice-President: Janet Clark

President-Elect: Arlen Kimmelman email

Delegates: Pam Gunter email and Hilda Weisburg email

Legislative Contact: Peg Lawlor email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Dee Venuto email

New York Library Association/Section of School Librarians external link icon

President: Karen Sperrazza email

President-Elect: Jill Leinung email

Delegate: Sue Bartle email

Legislative Contact: Jill Leinung email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Ellen Rubin email

State DOE Contact: John Brock email

Pennsylvania School Librarians Association external link icon

President: Eileen Kern email

President-Elect: Michael Nailor email

Delegates: Margaret Foster email and Eileen Kern email

Legislative Contact: Debra Kachel email

Intellectual Freedom Contact: Heather Lister email

State DOE Contact: Susan Pannebaker email

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