Executive Committee

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Merlyn Miller email

Carrie Turner email

Juanita Jameson email

Director-Elect Region 2 *
Eileen Kern email

Director-Elect Region 5 *
Michelle Wilson email

Director-Elect Region 9 *
Ken Stewart email

Past Chair (Ex Officio)
Pam Renfrow email

Past Secretary (Ex Officio)
Devona Pendergrass email

AASL Past President (Ex Officio)
Susan Ballard email

AASL Staff Liaison (Ex Officio)
Jonna Ashley email

AASL Executive Director (Ex Officio)
Sylvia Knight Norton email

* The leadership of the Affiliate Assembly is undergoing a restructuring and the position of Director-Elect is phasing out.

Historical list of Affiliate Assembly Chairs