Application for Affiliation

Below is an online form to be used by school library associations applying for affiliation with AASL.  Organizations also retain the option of completing a paper application pdf icon and mailing or faxing the required documents to the AASL office.

Required documents set for by the AASL Plan for Affiliation include:

  • The organization's bylaws or constitution.
  • A record of regular conferences or meetings

  • A record of communication with members (e.g. publication, newsletter, blog, social media)

  • A list of AASL members in state who also hold membership in the organization applying for affiliation.  To be eligible for affiliation, a state organization must include a minimum of 25 AASL members or 10% of the total membership must be members of AASL. To request a list of ALA members, please email AASL or call 312-280-4382.

Please note: This form cannot be saved and returned to.


Organization Information
Leadership Information
President or Chair
President- or Chair-Elect
Affiliate Assembly Delegate Information
Delegate #1
Delegate #2
Annual Conference Information
Conference Organizer
Communication Information

Please supply all that apply.

Advocacy/Legislative Contact for Organization
Intellectual Freedom Contact for Organization
State DOE Contact
Supplemental Documents: Please either upload a copy of the required document OR include a link to the online version.