vol3_relationships table

Planning Total community involvement/input in planning Aaron, Cassell, Dwyer, Amey, LTLS, Bauer
Long-term and short-term planning
Adequate time to survey, plan, and implement
Continuous evaluation
Development of shared vision statement and goals

Involvement of Community Members

General public Kitchens, Cassell, Dwyer, LTLS, Bauer
Public leaders
Library and teaching staff
Cooperation/Interaction Need to be part of networks (community, library, computer) including interagency articulation Dwyer, LTLS, Bauer
Need to form collaborative groups to serve different user groups: students and teachers, parents and youth; business and professionals; at-risk and special need groups
Willingness to share and reach out
Community Vision and Characteristics Community planning for shared vision Kitchens, Amey, Woolard, Jaffe, Haycock
Community "fit" for combined library (determined by feasibility study) including having either a small population (under 5,000) or population spread over an isolated area
Commitment and Positive Attitudes (of staff, administrators, governing board members, and citizens) Open to change; flexibility Dwyer, LTLS
Commitment to library’s success
Interest in users’ needs and preferences
Commitment to open access and intellectual freedom
Formal Policies/Procedures Clear delineation of fiscal, managerial, legal, personnel issues Aaron, LTLS, Bauer
Formal process of establishing roles and responsibilities
Funding Adequate funding for school library/public library or commitment to increased taxation Kitchens, Dwyer, Haycock
Special funding for planning and implementation (ie, LSCA)
Clear financial arrangements
Management Local manager is a leader--an effective communicator/networker with clear authority Aaron, Dwyer, Bauer
Representative board with authority/not only advisory
Facility Visible physical location within school Aaron, Haycock, LTLS
Convenient location within community
Large enough to accommodate several types of materials/ different formats/ age groups/ several activities at same time
Integrated collections
Attractive to a variety of users
Staffing Improved staffing: Aaron, Jaffe, Amey, Dwyer, LTLS, Haycock
One chief administrator / strong leadership
Both school and public library specialists
Adequate support staff
Program of volunteers: students, parents, retired citizens
Improved Services/Benefits Improved collection/ ability to build one Aaron, Jaffe, Dwyer, LTLS, Bauer
More professional staffing
Customer/user feedback on satisfaction
Program excellence
Access Accessible to school Dwyer, LTLS
Accessible to public for many hours (separate entrance)
Adequate parking
Unrestricted to all users
Commitment to intellectual freedom
Communication Formal and informal: electronic, face-to- face, fax, delivery services All

Table 1. Factors Necessary for Successful Combined Libraries

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Appendix: List of Combined School/Public Libraries in the United States

State City/Town Name School Level Source
AK Chenega Bay Chenega Bay Sch/Comm Library FSCS 1993
AK Galena Charles Evans Community Library FSCS 1993
AK Holy Cross Holy Cross Sch/Comm Library FSCS 1993
AK Sand Point Sand Point Sch/Comm Library FSCS 1993
AK Cantwell Cantwell Sch/Comm Library FSCS 1993
AK St. Paul St. Paul Comm/School Library FSCS 1993
AK Tanana Tanana Community Library FSCS 1993
AK Tatitlek Tatitlek School Community Library FSCS 1993
AK Healy Tri-Valley Community Library FSCS 1993
AK Tuluksak Tuluksak Sch/Comm Library FSCS 1993
AK Juneau Floyd Dryden Comm. Lib. Unger 1975; Western Council 1992
AL Guin MCHS Community FSCS 1993
AZ Buckeye Harquahala School/Maricopa Co.FL Unger 1975
AZ Glendate Barcelona Library Unger 1975
AZ Peoria Southwest Indian School Library Unger 1975
AZ Scottsdale Palomino Branch/Desert Mt. School; 25,000 residents; 1,000 students High school Goldberg1995, 1996; Olson 1996
AZ Scottsdale Arabian Branch/Municipal Complex with Community Policing Office Elem./Middle Goldberg 1996; Olson 1996
CA Coleville Coleville High School Branch Lib. High School Unger 1975
CA Santa Barbara Summerland Library Unger 1975
CA Chula Vista Eastlake Library/ free-standing branch of Chula Vista City Lib. High school (year-round) Palmer 1995; Oestreich 1994; Olson1996
CA McKittnick Belridge SchoolDist./Kern Co. Lib. LTLS 1990
CA Modesto Modesto City Schs/Stanislaus Co. FL 1 High school, 1 Middle school LTLS 1990; Enochs 1991
CA Ventura Fillmore SchoolDist./LSA Co./Ventura LTLS 1990
CA Ventura Oak Park School Dist./LSA Co./Ventura LTLS 1990
CO Cotopaxi Cotopaxi Sch/Comm Library FSCS 1993
CO Manzanola Manzanola S/PL FSCS 1993
CO Creede Mineral Co. S/PL FSCS 1993
CO Cripple Creek South Teller Co. S/PLD FSCS 1993
CO Englewood Sheridan Co. Library/Sheridan SD High school Unger 1975
CO Conifer Conifer Library Unger 1975
CO Ridgway Ridgway School/Community Lib/Pathfinder Lib. Sys. Unger 1975
CO Fort Lupton Weld Co. School Dist./ Ft. Lupton PL FSCS 1993; LTLS 1990
FL Pembrooke Pines Broward Co. PL/new Middle School Middle Berry 1996
FL St. Petersburg Pinellas Co.School/Azalea PL Middle LTLS 1990
HA Kahuku Kahuku Community School Lib. Unger 1975
HA Pahala Pahala Community School Lib. Unger 1975
ID Kuna Kuna School/Community FSCS 1993; Unger 1975
ID Rockland Rockland School/Community FSCS 1993
ID Blackfoot Snake River School/Community FSCS 1993
ID Sugar City Sugar-Salem School/Community FSCS 1993; Unger 1975
IL Cissna Park Cissna Park Community L.D. All levels in 1 bldg. FSCS 1993
IL Cowden Dry Point Twp. Lib./Rolling Prairie Lib. System FSCS 1993; LTLS 1990
IL Herrick Herrick Twp. P.L/ Rolling Prairie FSCS 1993; LTLS 1990
IL Stonington Stonington Twp. Lib./Rolling Prairie FSCS 1993; LTLS 1990
IL Lemont Lemont Publ. Lib. Dist. LTLS 1990
IL Normal School collection in Town PL all levels Malito, 1994
IL Rosemont Rosemont Elem. School/North Suburban Lib. System Elem. LTLS 1990
IL Valmeyer Valmeyer Publ. LD/Kaskaskia LS LTLS 1990
IL Chicago Wendell Smith Br./Chicago PL Unger 1975
IN Riley Riley Br./Hammond PL Unger 1975
IN Evansville Harper Br./E-V PL Unger 1975
IN Greentown Greentown and Eastern Howard S/PL FSCS 1993
KENT. Louisville Louisville Free PL—Middletown Branch Unger 1975
KENT Louisville Louisville Free Pl—Okolona Branch Unger 1975
KENT Louisville Louisville Free Pl—Robert Frost Branch Unger 1975
KENT Louisville Louisville Free PL Unger 1975
KS Basehor Basehor Community Library FSCS 1993
KS Kensington Kensington Community/School Lib. FSCS 1993
KS Parker Lib. Dist.#1 of Linn Co., Parker FSCS 1993
KS Allen Lib. Dist.#1, Lyon Co., Allen FSCS 1993
KS Louisburg Lib. Dist.#1, Miami Co., Louisburg FSCS 1993
KS LaCygne Lib. Dist.#2, Linn Co., La Cygne FSCS 1993
KS Linwood Linwood Community Lib. Dist.#1 FSCS 1993
KS Plains Plains Community Library FSCS 1993
LA New Orleans M.L.King Elem. School/New Orleans PL Elem. Goldberg, 1996
ME Portland Portland Public Library—Munjoy Hill Branch Unger 1975
ME Portland Portland Public Library—Howard C. Reiche Branch Unger 1975
MA Medford Wellington branch/Osgood School Unger 1975
MA Watertown West branch/Watertown FPL Unger 1975
MI Flint Branch/Flint Public Lib. Unger 1975
MI Grosse Pointe Grosse Pointe Publ. Lib. —Park Branch Unger 1975
MI Grosse Pointe Grosse Pointe Publ. Lib. —Woods Branch Unger 1975
MI L'Anse L'Anse Township School & Public Lib. Unger 1975
MI Munising Munising School/Publ. Library Unger 1975
MI Roscommon Gerrish-Higgins School/Dist. PL Unger 1975
MI De Tour Village De Tour Area School & Pub. Lib. Unger 1975
MN Pipestone Pipestone Community Library High school FSCS 1993
MO Kansas City Kansas City PL—Southeast Branch/SE High School High school Unger 1975; Cherry 1982
MO Kansas City Kansas City PL—Blue Valley Branch Unger 1975; Cherry 1982
MO Kansas City Kansas City PL—Central Branch/Central High School High school Unger 1975; Cherry 1982
MO Kansas City Kansas City PL—East Branch Unger 1975; Cherry 1982
MO Kansas City Kansas City PL—Northeast Branch/NE High School High school Unger 1975; Cherry 1982
MO Kansas City Kansas City PL—Southwest Branch/SW High School High school Unger 1975; Cherry 1982
MO Kansas City Kansas City PL—Van Horn Branch/VH High School High school Unger 1975; Cherry 1982
MO Kansas City Kansas City PL—West Branch Unger 1975; Cherry 1982
MO St. Louis Gravois Branch/St. Louis PL Unger 1975
MT Joliet Joliet School/Public Library FSCS 1993
MT Alberton Alberton Community Lib. LTLS 1990
MT Marion Marion Community Library LTLS 1990
MT Opheim Opheim Community Library LTLS 1990
MT Roundup Roundup Community Library LTLS 1990
MT Seeley Lake Seeley Lake Community Lib. LTLS 1990
MT Winnett Winnett Community Lib. LTLS 1990
NE Amergosa Valley LTLS 1990
NE ce= "Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"size="-1">Beatty LTLS 1990
NE Fish Lake Valley LTLS 1990
NE Gabbs LTLS 1990
NE Gerlach LTLS 1990
NE Goldfield LTLS 1990
NE Silver Peak LTLS 1990
NE Virginia City LTLS 1990
NE Reno/Washoe Co. Washoe Co. SD/Washoe Co.Lib. Gerlach High school Kinsey and Honig-Bear 1994; Goldberg 1996
NE Reno/Washoe Co. Washoe Co. SD/Washoe Co. Lib. Galena High school Kinsey and Honig-Bear 1994
NE Reno/Washoe Co. Washoe Co. SD/Washoe Co. Lib. Traner Duncan Middle school Kinsey and Honig-Bear 1994
NE Reno/Washoe Co. Washoe Co. SD/Washoe Co. Lib. Elem. Kinsey and Honig-Bear 1994
NH Bartlett Bartlett Public Library FSCS 1993
NH Pittsburg Bremer Pond Memorial Lib. FSCS 1993
NH Campton Campton Public Lib. FSCS 1993
NH Milton Nute Library FSCS 1993
NH Thornton Thornton Public Library FSCS 1993
NJ Delanco School/township library Miller, 1991
NJ Newark Newark Public Library—Dayton School Branch Unger 1975
NJ Newark Newark Public Library—Mt. Vernon School Br. Unger 1975
NJ Woodbridge Hopelawn branch/Woodbridge PL/School No. 10 Unger 1975
NJ Atlantic City Atlantic City PL—New Jersey Avenue School Branch Unger 1975
NJ Atlantic City Atlantic City PL—Richmond Ave. School Branch Unger 1975
NJ Passaic Passaic PL/No. 10 School Branch Unger 1975
NJ Woodlynne Woodlynne PL/Woodlynne School Unger 1975
NJ Garwood Garwood PL/Lincoln School Unger 1975
NY Albany Albany PL/ New Scotland Br. Unger 1975
NY Newburgh West Street Br./Newburgh Free Lib/West St. School Unger 1975
NY Highland Mills Woodbury Public Library/Rushmore Br. FSCS 1993
ND Cannonball Standing Rock Tribal Lib./Cannonball Br. Unger 1975
ND Fort Yates Cannonball Br./Standing Rock Tribal Lib. Unger 1975
ND Killdeer Killdeer Log Cabin PL FSCS 1993
ND Oakes Oakes School & Public Lib. FSCS 1993
ND Velva Velva School & Public Lib. FSCS 1993
OH Attica Seneca East Local School Lib. Unger 1975
OH Dola Hardin Northern PL Unger 1975
OR Dufur Dufur School-Com. Library FSCS 1993
OR Ukiah Ukiah Public Library FSCS 1993
PA East Lansdowne Jaffe 1982
PA Harmonsburg Jaffe 1982
PA Jersey Shore Jaffe 1982
PA Leechburg Jaffe 1982
PA Linesville Jaffe 1982
PA Millersburg Jaffe 1982
PA Pennsburg Jaffe 1982
PA Perryopolis Jaffe 1982
PA Royersford Jaffe 1982
PA Kane Kane Publ. and School Lib.
(2 libs.)
Unger 1975; Jaffe 1982
SC Beaufort Co. (Rural area) Elem. Olson 1996
SC Beufort Co./St.Helena's Island (on an island) Elem. Olson 1996
SD Bull Head Standing Rock Tribal Library—Bull Head Branch Unger 1975
SD Little Eagle Standing Rock Tribal Lib. —Little Eagle Branch Unger 1975
SD Wessington Wessington PL Unger 1975
SD Elkton Elkton Community Library FSCS 1993; Western 1992
SD Menno Menno Community/School Lib. FSCS 1993
SD Selby Selby Community/School Lib. FSCS 1993
TX Orange Grove Orange Grove Library Unger 1975
TX Celina Celina Community Library FSCS 1993
TX Earth Springlake-Earth Community Lib. FSCS 1993; Wells 1994
TX Olney Olney Community Lib. and Arts Center Wells 1994; Unger 1975
TX Jacksboro Wells 1994
TX Houston Carnegie Branch Lib. High school, Middle/Comm. Coll. LTLS 1990
TX Howe Howe Community Lib./Howe School Dist. All levels? Wells 1994; LTLS 1990
TX Midlothian Meadows Library Wells 1994; LTLS 1990
TX Lake Travis Wells 1994
TX Dripping Springs Wells 1994
TX Dell City Wells 1994
TX Fort Hancock Wells 1994
TX Wellington Wells 1994
TX Booker Wells 1994
TX Mabank Tri County Lib. Family Resource Center FSCS 1993
VT Fairfield Bent Northrup Memorial FSCS 1993
VT Bridgewater Bridgewater Community FSCS. 1993
VT Proctorsville Cavendish Fletcher Community FSCS 1993
VT Charlotte Charlotte Community FSCS 1993
VT Chittenden Chittenden Public FSCS 1993
VT Fairfax Fairfax Community FSCS 1993
VT Wolcott Glee Merritt Kelley Comm. FSCS 1993
VT New Haven New Haven Community FSCS 1993
VT Readsboro Readsboro Community FSCS 1993
VT S. Burlington South Burlington Community FSCS 1993
VT South Hero South Hero Community FSCS 1993
VT Stamford Stamford community FSCS 1993
WA Newport Selkirk SD/Pend Oreille Co. Lib. Distr. LTLS 1990
WI Bloomer Bloomer PL Unger 1975
WI Laona Edith Evans PL High school/elem. FSCS 1993; Wisc. 1994
WI Florence Florence County Library High school/elem. FSCS 1993
WI Kohler Kohler Public Library High school FSCS 1993
WI Birnamwood Birnamwood Sch/Shawano City/County Lib/Nicolet LS. Elem. Wisc. 1994
WI Washington Island/Door Co. Washington Island School /Door Co. PL (2 bldgs.) Elem./Same campus Wisc. 1994
Note: This list was compiled from the sources listed at the end of the table. It is assumed that the combination existed at the time of the source noted in the last column. No attempt was made to verify if each one still exists.

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