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Group Registrations

The person registering the group must provide a valid email address and be either an ALA member or have a profile. (Create your profile here.) Once you’re ready, click on the word “Register” next to the name of your chosen event, below.

If you need help registering a large group, please contact ALA Member and Customer Service at 1.800.545.2433 and press 5.

Changes or Additions to Existing Registrations

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May 2018
Date Location Webinar  
May 23 Introduction To R for Libraries, Part II Register
May 23 Take Back Researcher Privacy Register
May 30 Assessing Your Library: Moving From Assumptions To Facts Register
May 30 Introduction To R for Libraries, Part III Register
May 31 Nuts and Bolts of Data Visualization Register
June 2018
Date Location Webinar  
June 5 Institutional Compliance: Responding To Online Accessibility Legal Issues Register
June 6 Accessibility: What Is Happening Now Online, On Campus, and Within the Marketplace Register
June 6 Analyzing Staff Engagement and Connections To Understand Organizational Culture Register
June 13 Battling Impostor Syndrome in the Workplace Register
June 13 Research As Inquiry: It Starts With a Problem Register
June 20 Information Creation As a Process Register
July 2018
Date Location Webinar  
July 12 Information Has Value Register
July 17 Unpacking the Algorithms That Shape Our UX: Algorithmic as a Form of Information Literacy Register
July 18 Gaming Your Training: How To Successfully Motivate & Engage Your Staff Using Game Mechanics Register
July 19 Searching for Strategic Exploration: Guiding Students on Their Research Quest Register
July 25 A Head Start for Getting Ahead: Advancing Into Academic Library Middle Management Register
July 26 Scholarship As Conversation Register
August 2018
Date Location Webinar  
August 1 Uncommit: How Do We Stop So We Can Start Doing What Really Matters Register
August 2 Authority Is Constructed and Contextual Register
August 8 Setting the Emotional Tone: Managing Emotional Culture in the Library Register
August 15 Helping Faculty Find, Use and Modify Open Educational Resources Register
August 15 Managing the Talent: A Holistic Look At Personnel Management Register
August 22 Powerful Conversations Using Appreciative Inquiry Register
September 2018
Date Location Webinar  
September 13 Special Collections & Archives: Partners in Critical Information Literacy Register

For questions about registering for events or conferences, please contact our Registration Center. For login help, email