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Searchable DB of ALA accredited programs - Search Results | American Library Association

Searchable DB of ALA accredited programs
Search Results

  State Program
1. AB University of Alberta (Continued Accreditation)
2. AL University of Alabama (Continued Accreditation)
3. AZ University of Arizona (Continued Accreditation)
4. BC University of British Columbia (Conditional Accreditation)
5. CA San Jose State University (Continued Accreditation)
6. CA University of California, Los Angeles (Continued Accreditation)
7. CO University of Denver (Continued Accreditation)
8. DC Catholic University of America, The (Continued Accreditation)
9. FL Florida State University (Continued Accreditation)
10. FL University of South Florida (Continued Accreditation)
11. GA Valdosta State University (Continued Accreditation)
12. HI University of Hawaii (Continued Accreditation)
13. IA University of Iowa (Continued Accreditation)
14. IL Dominican University (Continued Accreditation)
15. IL University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (Continued Accreditation)
16. IN Indiana University (Continued Accreditation)
17. KS Emporia State University (Continued Accreditation)
18. KY University of Kentucky (Continued Accreditation)
19. LA Louisiana State University (Continued Accreditation)
20. MA Simmons College (Continued Accreditation)
21. MD University of Maryland (Continued Accreditation)
22. MI University of Michigan (Continued Accreditation)
23. MI Wayne State University (Continued Accreditation)
24. MN St. Catherine University (Continued Accreditation)
25. MO University of Missouri (Conditional Accreditation)
26. MS The University of Southern Mississippi (Continued Accreditation)
27. NC East Carolina University (Initial Accreditation)
28. NC North Carolina Central University (Continued Accreditation)
29. NC The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Continued Accreditation)
30. NC University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Continued Accreditation)
31. NJ Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (Continued Accreditation)
32. NS Dalhousie University (Continued Accreditation)
33. NY Long Island University (Conditional Accreditation)
34. NY Pratt Institute (Conditional Accreditation)
35. NY Queens College, CUNY (Continued Accreditation)
36. NY St. John's University (Continued Accreditation)
37. NY Syracuse University (Continued Accreditation)
38. NY University at Albany, State University of New York (Continued Accreditation)
39. NY University at Buffalo, State Univ. of New York (Conditional Accreditation)
40. OH Kent State University (Continued Accreditation)
41. OK University of Oklahoma (Continued Accreditation)
42. ON Ottawa, University of (Initial Accreditation)
43. ON University of Toronto (Continued Accreditation)
44. ON University of Western Ontario (Continued Accreditation)
45. PA Clarion University of Pennsylvania (Continued Accreditation)
46. PA Drexel University (Continued Accreditation)
47. PA University of Pittsburgh (Continued Accreditation)
48. PR University of Puerto Rico (Continued Accreditation)
49. QC McGill University (Continued Accreditation)
50. QC Université de Montréal (Continued Accreditation)
51. RI University of Rhode Island (Continued Accreditation)
52. SC University of South Carolina (Continued Accreditation)
53. TN University of Tennessee (Continued Accreditation)
54. TX Texas Woman's University (Continued Accreditation)
55. TX University of North Texas (Continued Accreditation)
56. TX University of Texas at Austin (Continued Accreditation)
57. WA University of Washington (Continued Accreditation)
58. WI University of Wisconsin - Madison (Continued Accreditation)
59. WI University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (Continued Accreditation)