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Diversity Articles & Publications

This page contains a list of recommended reading for individuals interested in exploring diversity issues in the delivery of library and information services, as well recent articles on the subject.  The Office for Diversity is also pleased to share assorted bibliographies members have compiled in their own efforts to strengthen the design and delivery of information to the diverse communities of users served by libraries. Please feel free to recommend a publication, journal, article or bibliography to be listed on this site by sending email to the Office for Diversity at!

Suggested Readings

Bridging Cultures: Ethnic Services in the Libraries of New York State
Editors Irina Kuharets, Brigid Cahalan, Fed Gitner
Albany, NY, 2001.
ISBN 0-931658-48-9
A collection of thirty-six essays written by librarians focusing on the topic of multicultural services. Authors share their first-hand experiences in serving African-Americans, Native Americans, as well as Spanish-Speaking, Chinese, Khmer, Russian, and other communities in our state. Written in various syles, from warmly personal to more formal, these essays describe library programs and services to children, young adults and adults, as well as achievements in information technology and outreach services. The articles, some of which give fascinating historical perspectives, can inspire and guide library staff in serving ethnic populations. This publication is appropriate for professional collections, library schools, and any conscientious librarian seeking to improve library services to multicultural communities.

Celebrating Culture in Your Library: 25 Latino Craft Projects
Diana Borrego & Ana-Elba Pavon
American Library Association: Chicago, 2002
ISBN 0-8389-0833-0
Latino craft programs teach the importance of diversity and respecting different cultures. Each chapter of this book focuses on a traditional Latino holiday and includes crafts and activities for preschool, after-school and family programs, as well as promote literacy.

Cultural Diversity in Libraries
Editors Donald E. Riggs and Patricia A. Tarin
Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc.: New York, 1994.
ISBN 1-55570-139-6
Intended to help libraries effectively perform their mission as a resource for knowledge covering the widest possible range of perspectives. The University of Michigan Library staff has spent the past few years exploring what it means to serve and work with increasing numbers of people who are not from the dominant cultural milieu. The distillation of their experience forms the basis for this book.

Culturally Diverse Library Collections for Children
Herman L. Totten and Risa W. Brown
Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc.: New York, 1994.
ISBN 1-55570-140-X
Single source bibliographyto help school library media specialists diversify their collections. All books are listed with full bibliographic data, suggested ages or grades, and a brief annotation. Categories covered are nonfiction, biography, folk tales, and fiction, as well as relevant reference books and scholarly works.

Culturally Diverse Library Collections for Youth
Herman L. Totten, Risa W. Brown, Carolyn Garner
Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc.: New York, 1996.
ISBN 1-55570-141-8
Young adult and school librarians can look here to find recommended books and books about diverse cultures. Nonfiction, biography, folk tales, reference books, and scholarly works are covered. Each title is annotated with full bibliographic data and suggested ages and grades. Relevant adult ethnic titles are also evaluated for use in school.

Culturally Diverse Videos, Audios, and CD-ROMS for Children and Young Adults
Irene Wood
Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc.: New York, 1999.
ISBN 1-55570-337-1
Irene Wood and her excellent contributing authors are to be commended for this rich, respectful and enticing collection of exemplary programs.

Diversity in Libraries: Academic Residency Programs
Raquel V. Cogell and Cindy A. Gruwell
Greenwood Press.: Westport, CT, 2001.
ISBN 0313308314
List of residency programs with a diversity focus. Forward by E.J. Josey.

Diversity Now: People, Collections, and Services in Academic Libraries
Editors Teresa Y. Neely and Kuang-Hwei (Janet) Lee-Smeltzer
Haworth Press, Inc.: 2001.
ISBN 0-7890-1697-4
Diversity Now delivers a comprehensive look at diversity issues for librarians. It examines partnerships between academic research libraries and campus agencies and provides effective retention strategies for diverse employees. It also shows how librarians can lobby for domestic partner benefits for university employees who are unmarried same- and opposite-sex couples. In addition, it provides a unique research perspective on assessment and diversity integration in the academic libraries and highlights effective working strategies for a multicultural library environment.

Ethnic Diversity in Library and Information Science

Library Trends Volume 49, November 1, 1-219
Editor Kathleen de la Pena McCook
University of Illinois Graduate School of Library & Information Science, 2000.
ISSN 0024-2594
Presents an overview of the efforts of African-Americans, Asian/Pacific Islander-Americans, Chinese Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans to develop services, identify important issues, foster leadership, and establish inclusive definitions of identity.

Focus on Diversity
Law Library Journal, Volume 90 Number 4, Fall 1998
Editor Frank G. Houdek
American Association of Law Libraries, 1998.

In Our Own Voices: The Changing Face of Librarianship
Editors Teresa Y. Neely and Khafre K. Abif
Scarecrow Press: Lanham, Md. And London, 1996.
ISBN 0-8108-3074-4
Provides insight into the experiences of librarians of color in their master's programs, in their first jobs, and in the professions. Highlights the diverse stories of how they chose the profession and what impact mentors and others have had on their lives.

Managing Multiculturalism and Diversity in the Library: Principles and Issues for Administrators
Editor Mark Winston
Haworth Press: NY, 1999.
ISBN 0-7890-0692-8
These twelve articles delve into the very real issues of diversity. There is no "cosmetic diversity" as the following issues are analyzed and discussed: information equity and inequity, civil rights and universal access, organizational management and transformation, civility and communication as related to diversity, diversity dialogue groups, institutional racism, systems and barriers. Authors are well known among us: DeEtta Jones, Lorna Peterson, James F. Williams, II , Deborah R. Hollis, V.Tessa Pery Evans, Zora J. Sampson, Janice Simmons-Welburn, Teresa Y. Neely, Haipeng Li, William C. Welburn, Jose A. Aguinaga, and E.J. Josey.

Planning for Library Services to People with Disabilities
Rhea Joyce Rubin
ASCLA Changing Horizons Series
American Library Association:Chicago, 2001.
ISBN 0-8389-8168-2
In response to two of the 1990 American Disabilities Act’s (ADA) mandates; any public library must provide equal services to any person requesting them, regardless of disability and that no qualified individual with a disability shall be excluded from participation or be denied services or be subjected to discrimination. Rubin has created a planning process to ensure that libraries consider all of the issues necessary to comply with the law. This method has been designed to work in conjunction with an already existing library plan.

Serving Latino Communities: A How-to-do-it Manual for Librarians
Camila Alire and Orlando Archibeque
Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc.: New York, 1998.
ISBN 1-55570-276-7
Provides a systematic, step-by-step process for library staff to use in their development of library services to underserved Latinos.

Serving Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students
Melvina Azar Dame
Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc.: New York, 1993.
ISBN 1-55570-116-7
Guide to help libraries understand and meet the needs of linguistically and/or culturally diverse students. The first part examines the need for specialized materials and services. The second part recommends ways of providing appropriate services through the school library media center. Bibiolographies and resources enabling librarians to implement these suggestions comprise the third part.

Stop Talking, Start Doing!: Attracting People of Color to the Library Profession.
Gregory L. Reese and Ernestine L. Hawkins
American Library Association: Chicago and London, 1999.
ISBN 0-8389-0792-8
"This is a valuable monograph, which deserves to be read not only by those who need to learn how to recruit minorities to the library and information profession, but it should also be read by the entire profession and become the subject of scholarly debate and political action." Dr. EJ Josey, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Library and Information Science, University of Pittsburgh and Past President, American Library Association, Oct. 27, 1999.

Staff Development: A Practical Guide (3rd Edition)
Editors Elizabeth Fuseler Avery, Terry Dahlin and Deborah A. Carvery.
American Library Association: Chicago and London, 2001.
ISBN 0-8389-0792-8
Includes Chapter 13 on "Addressing Diversity in Library Staff Training by Janice Simmons Welburn, pages 74-77.

Venture into Cultures, Second Edition
Editor Olga R. Kuharets
American Library Association: Chicago, 2001.
ISBN 1-0-8389-3513-3
Packed with resources for inspiring children with the rich textures, traditions, stories, pictures, and music from around the world. Each chapter features a short essay and recommended children's books, websites, videos, audiotapes, and directions for programming materials.

Women of Color in Librarianship: An Oral History
Editor Kathleen de la Pena McCook
American Library Association, 1998.
ISBN 0-8389-7993-9
Features Augusta Baker, Clara Stanton Jones, Virginia Mathews, Lillian Lopez, Lotsee Patterson, Lourdes Collantes, Ching-Chih Chen, Elizabeth Martinez.

Journals & Book Review Sources

Multicultural Review
Multicultural Review (MCR) is a quarterly journal for teachers at all grade levels, college professors, librarians, administrators, and anyone else who is interested in learning about new developments and trends in the field of cultural diversity. The journal features reviews of new print and non-print resources on multicultural topics, and articles that explore current issues.

Recent Coverage

School Library Journal, 4.1.2002
What Works - Kids on Campus
by Myra Michele Brown
View Online 

Minnesota Sun, 12.26.2001
Testimony to the value of education
by John Klun
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Early Childhood Research & Practice, Fall 2001 Vol. 3 No. 2
Examining Multicultural Picture Books for the Early Childhood Classroom
Possibilities and Pitfalls
by Jean Mendoza & Debbie Reese
View Online

The Chronicle of Higher Education, 9.21.2001
Scholars Question the Image of the Internet as a Race-Free Utopia
by Jeffrey Young
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Assorted Bibliographies

In addition to assembling our own bibliography of diversity titles, the Office for Diversity is happy to share with you relevant bibliographies assembled by ALA affiliates, divisions and members. If you have a bibliography you would like to share, please send the web address or a text copy to Enjoy!

Bilingual Books for Children
developed by ALSC International Relations Committee and the Selection of Children’s Books and Materials for Various Cultures Committee
View Online

GLB Studies List of Bibliographies and Guides to the Literature
maintained by Duke University libraries. Includes links to relevant bibliographies from other universities, as well.
View Online

Native Residential Schools in Canada
a selective bibliography compiled by Amy Fisher and Deborah Lee. This bibliography accompanies the exhibition "Where are the Children? Healing the Legacy of the Residential Schools" produced by the National Archives of Canada, the Aboriginal Healing Foundation and the Aboriginal Healing Charitable Association in collaboration with the National Library of Canada, numerous church and other archives presented at the National Archives of Canada in Ottawa from June 18, 2002 to February 3, 2003.
View Online