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Home Schooling Resources for Librarians

This list of resources on home schooling was compiled by the ALSC Library Service to Special Population Children and Their Caregivers Committee.

Internet Resources

National Home Education Network.  Has a page called “What Librarians Want to Know About Homeschooling” which answers several questions and includes resources for further reading & ideas of what librarians can offer homeschoolers.  They also include a page with links to homeschooling legislature by State.


The Librarian’s Guide To Homeschooling Resources.  Scheps, Susan G.  American Library Association, 1998.  ISBN 0838907377. 
Includes a directory of resources, where to find out about sample programs as well as homeschooling laws. (The first two internet addresses are not correct under homeschooling laws and the address listed for the American Homeschool Association as well as Home Education Press).

A Guide to Homeschooling for Librarians.  Brostrom, David. Highsmith Press, 1995. ISBN 091784646X. 
Although written almost ten years ago, it is considered an outstanding resource for librarians on the National Home Education Network website.  Web addresses no longer up to date.


“Homeschoolers in the Library”.  Scheps, Susan G.  School Library Journal; Feb. 1999, Vol. 45 Issue 2, p.38. 
One of the most recent articles on the subject.  Talks about why more people are homeschooling and resources that librarians can have available for these patrons.

“No Place Like the Library”.  Brostrom, David. School Library Journal; March 1997, Vol. 43 Issue 3, p. 106. 
Gives ideas about what homeschooling parents would like to find in a library.  Give ways other libraries have been successful with regards to homeschooling.  Again the web address are not up to date.

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