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Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults

Select from the links below to view one of the lists. To view the full annotated lists after 1999 visit YALSA's For Members Only section.

Nominate a title for 2008

2008 Nominations
Sex is a Touchy Subject. Fiction and nonfiction books for teens about our favorite taboo subject, sex.

What Makes a Family?  Does a family have to be blood or legally related? Can a tribe or a gang be a family? Fiction and nonfiction about all kinds of families.

Magic in the Real World.  What would life be like if magic really existed? The titles on this list explore our world, with a fantastical twist.

Get Your Game On. Read fiction and nonfiction about all sorts of sports.

2007 Titles
Get CreativeReligion: Relationship with the Divine; Now THAT'S Comedy! Humorous Books; I'm Not Making This Up.

2006 Titles
Criminal Elements, Books That Don't Make You Blush: No Dirty Laundry HereWhat Ails You?, GLBTQ .

2005 Titles
Read 'Em & WeepGateway to FaerieOwn Your FreakAll Kinds of Creepy

2004 Titles
If It Weren’t For Them: HeroesOn That Note…Music and MusiciansGuess Again: Mystery and SuspenseSimply Science Fiction.

2003 titles
Lock It, Lick, It,Click it: Diaries, Letters and Email, Flights of Fantasy: Beyond Harry and Frodo, This Small World: A Glimpse at Many Cultures, I've Got a Secret

2002 titles
Relationships: Friends and Family, War: Conflict and Consequences, Tales of the Cities, Graphic Novels: Superheroes and Beyond

2001 titles
Humor, Paranormal, Poetry, Western

2000 titles
Short Takes, Page Turners, Romance, Self-Help

1999 titles
Good Sports, Teen Culture, Changing Dimensions, Different Drummers

1998 titles
Adult Mysteries for Teens, Feel Good Books, Facing Nature Head On, Teens from other Times: Historical fiction

1997 titles
Books for the Soul, Going Alternative: Graphic Novels and Picture Books, Lesbian/Gay Tales, Multicultural Fiction, The Stories of Our Lives

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