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Genealogical Publishing Company Award

A citation and $1,500 cash award to a librarian, library or publisher to encourage professional achievement in historical reference and research librarianship. The recipient must be a RUSA member and shall be selected for exceptional accomplishment related to bibliography, book reviewing, indexing, professional association leadership, programs and training. Sponsor: Genealogical Publishing Company. (Established 1992)

The jury for choosing an award recipient is a standing committee of the History Section consisting of five History Section members. Members should represent diversity in geography and type of library. Members serve two-year terms. Consecutive terms are not permitted. Nominees will be reviewed in a closed meeting of the committee during Midwinter.

To nominate an individual, send a letter following the format below, detailing the individual's accomplishments and service to the field. The Committee understands that not all fields may be relevant for all nominees. This format may be cut and pasted or downloaded. Accompanying materials are welcomed. Please keep in mind that as well known as the nominee may be, not everyone on the panel may be familiar with their work. Nominations will remain active for two years. Individuals nominated this year who do not receive the award will automatically be reconsidered for the following award. The deadline is December 15. Letters of nomination can be sent to the chair.

Name of nominee:

Present title:

Present employer:

Contact information:

Past positions:

Service to History Section:

Service to RUSA:

Service to ALA:

Service to allied organizations:

Awards received:


Anything else the Committee should know:


Nominator's Contact Information:

Letters of nomination can be sent to the chair or members of the committee via information obtained using this link.


1993 — P. William Filby
1994 — J. Carlyle Parker
1995 — Donald R. Brown
1996 — Gunther Erich Pohl
1997 — Raymond S. Wright III
1998 — Judith Prowse Reid
1999 — Thomas. J. Muth Jr.
2000 — Paul A. Mogren
2001 — Margaret Ann Reinert
2002 — Curt B. Witcher
2003 — Charles F. Cummings
2004 — Samuel J. Boldrick
2005 — Michael Barren Clegg
2006 — Nancy Huling

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