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Another "Hysteric" Librarian for Freedom

A button with text: Another "Hysteric" Librarian for Freedom


The American Library Association (ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom introduces a new product for the thousands of librarians who fight everyday to protect the privacy rights of library users.  “Another ‘Hysteric’ Librarian for Freedom” button acknowledges this important work while referencing the recent misstatement by U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft.

To order the button, contact Bryan Campbell at the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom at 1-800-545-2433, ext. 4220,, or order online at the Another "Hysteric" Librarian for Freedom Online Order Form, which is e-mailed directly to him.  You may also order the button by writing: Bryan Campbell, Office for Intellectual Freedom, American Library Association, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611.  You may also fax your order to Bryan (DOC) or fax this PDF.

For the last several months, the attorney general has toured American cities, trying to drum up support for the USA PATRIOT Act, which gives law enforcement easy access to library records with minimal judicial oversight. In several of his speeches, he has described librarians—among the first to denounce portions of the act as giving unprecedented powers of surveillance to the government, particularly in libraries—as “hysterics.”

To help raise awareness of the overreaching aspects of the USA PATRIOT Act, ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom will sell the buttons for $2.00 (1-10 buttons); $1.50 (11-50 buttons); and $1.25 (51 or more). All proceeds support the programs of the office.

For more information on the USA PATRIOT Act, please visit

Links to non-ALA sites have been provided because these sites may have information of interest. Neither the American Library Association nor the Office for Intellectual Freedom necessarily endorses the views expressed or the facts presented on these sites; and furthermore, ALA and OIF do not endorse any commercial products that may be advertised or available on these sites.

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