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ALA Blogs, RSS Feeds, and Wikis

ALA provides a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed for its current press releases, news stories from American Libraries, and several blogs. To use these feeds you will need either a browser capable of bookmarking feeds (such as Firefox) or an RSS reader. To subscribe to the feeds use the links below and follow the instructions for your reader.

Blogs and RSS Feeds

To view the blog or news source listed below, just click on the link. To get the RSS feed from these sources, copy the URL shown to your RSS reader.

View the AASL Weblog: AASL Weblog
Get the AASL Weblog RSS feed:

View the ACRLog: ACRLog
Get the ACRLog RSS feed:

View ACRL E-Learning: E-Learning at ACRL
Get the ACRL E-Learning RSS feed:

View the ALA Editions Blog: ALA Editions Blog
Get the PLA Blog RSS feed:

View the ALA ITTS (Information Technology and Telecommunication Services) Update Blog: ALA ITTS Update
Get the ALA ITTS Blog RSS Feed:

View the ALA TechSource Blog: ALA Techsource Blog
Get the ALA TechSource Blog RSS feed:

View the ALCTS Blog: ALCTS Weblog
Get the ALCTS Blog RSS feed:

View the ALSC Blog: ALSC Weblog
Get the ALSC Blog RSS feed:

View the ALSC President's Blog: Horning In
Get the ALSC President's Blog RSS feed:

View American Libraries Online News: AL Online News
Get the AL Online News RSS feed:

View Booklist Online Blog: Booklist Online Blog
Get the Booklist Online RSS feed:

View Green Kangaroo: Green Kangaroo
Get the Green Kangaroo RSS feed:

View Hectic Pace: Hectic Pace
Get the Hectic Pace RSS feed:

Get the LEADS from LAMA RSS feed:

View the LITA Blog: LITA Blog
Get the LITA Blog RSS feed:

View the OLOS Blog: OLOS Blog
Get the OLOS Blog RSS feed:

View the PLA Blog: PLA Blog
Get the PLA Blog RSS feed:

View the RUSA Blog: RUSA Blog
Get the RUSA Blog RSS feed:

View the YALSA Blog: YALSA Blog
Get the YALSA Blog RSS feed:


View the 2006 ALA Annual Conference New Orleans Wiki: ALA 2006 New Orleans

Visit LITA's Library 2.0 Wiki: LITA Library 2.0
-- Includes an experimental Wiki version of the Tool Kit for the Expert Web Searcher

Visit YALSA's Teen Tech Week Wiki: Teen Tech Week

Please revisit this page soon. New blogs and wikis are being added almost every day!

Common Readers
Some available readers are linked to below

Bloglines (Online)
Awasu (Windows)
Amphetadesk (Cross Platform)
NetNewsWire (Mac)
More RSS Feed Readers