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ALA’s Chicago Office Hit by Internet Virus

On Friday, June 18th, ALA’s Chicago office was hit by the Korgo.L virus.  The virus flooded our network connections and rendered the network useless.  ALA ITTS staff worked almost non-stop over the weekend, and as a result, we expect to have the network functioning on Tuesday.

ITTS staff worked until 12:30 am on Friday and until 4:30 am on Sunday morning to install the fix on all ALA PCs. On Sunday morning, they discovered that the fix did not work.  Another new virus detection file was posted on Sunday, and staff worked until 11:30 pm installing that on our servers and the first floor PCs, which includes member and customer service.  As many as 80% of ALA PCs were infected with the virus.  Currently, ITTS is working to remove the virus from our PCS, laptops, and servers.

The Korgo virus broadcasts on several TCP/UDP Internet ports flooding the ALA network and rendering it unusable.  Currently, email and the ALA website are up and running, but the rest of the network is down except for HR and the member and customer service unit. This means that most staff will be unable to access GroupWise Email, the Internet, printers, or shared drives which conation documents. We expect to have a number of PCs in the training area available by noon, and staff will be able to share these this afternoon as seven ITTS staff and consultants work on PCs on a floor-by-floor basis.

We have just had two staff meetings to bring all staff 'up to speed'. We are putting a notice on our voice mail system, on the web site, the member list, asking staff to contact officers, committee chairs and other key members by telephone and are asking that this message be shared with various list serves and discussion groups.

More information on the Korgo virus can be found at:

I will be sending out another status report tomorrow morning.

Keith Michael Fiels
Executive Director
American Library Association
(800) 545-2433 ext.1392