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Log-on to Electronic Discussion Lists


Sign on to electronic discussion lists:

To subscribe to any of these lists send an email message to LISTPROC@ALA.ORG. Leave the subject line blank, or, if your system requires a subject line, enter "subscribe" (without quotation marks) as the subject. As the only line of text in the body of the message, enter the following:

subscribe [listname] [YourFirstName] [YourLastName]

substituting the name of the list you wish to subscribe to (as it appears below) and your own first and last names. Do not include the brackets in your message.  For more information on electronic discussion lists or how to unsubscribe from a list see.

PR Talk
Idea-sharing and updates on ALA promotional activities and library PR issues. (list name: prtalk)
Library Advocacy Now!
Idea-sharing, updates and legislative alerts of special interest to library advocates. (list name: aladnow)
@ your libraryTM
Idea-sharing and updates about The Campaign for America's Libraries.  (list name: campaign) 
ALA News Releases
Receive ALA news releases online. (list name: alanews)
The Washington Office Electronic Newsline
Receive important legislative information online. (list name: alawon)